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    MS - US Lunch Menu

    DAY 4
    Chef Salad
    Pozole Verde Soup
    Baked Potato OR Baked Sweet Potato w/Toppings
    Beef Enchiladas
    (V) Cheese Enchiladas
    Action Station: Steamed Tamales
  5. 2

    MS - US Lunch Menu

    DAY 5
    Trio Salad 
    Cream of Mushroom
    Egg Rolls
    Beef & Peppers
    (V) Tofu, Vegetables, & Lo Mein Noodles
    Action Station: Rotisserie Wing Station ( Hot, BBQ OR Traditional )

    Parent Wellness Coffee

    Campus Center - Chao Assembly Hall - CCChaoHall
    Mother's: Rewriting the Script with Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair
    Click here to register

    Parent Wellness Evening Event

    Fine Arts Annex
    The Sustainable Family: Seven Principles for Strengthening Family Connections in the Digital Age
    Led by Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair
    Click here to register
  6. 3

    MS - US Lunch Menu

    DAY 6
    Greek Salad
    Chicken Andouille Sausage Gumbo
    Fish Fillet Sandwich w/Toppings
    Grilled Salmon w/Creamy Spinach
    (V) Ratattouille w/Couscous
    Action Station: Fried Rice Bar

    Used Uniform Sale

    Quadrangle - Used Uniform Closet - Q205A
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    US - MS Lunch Menu

    DAY 7
    Tuna Salad on Mixed Green Lettuce
    Minestrone Soup
    Baked Potato w/Toppings
    Chicken Creole w/Steamed Rice
    (V) Quinoa w/Butternut Squash & Red Bell Pepper
    Action Station: Frito Pie

    MS Assembly

  3. 7

    US - MS Lunch Menu

    DAY 1
    Grilled Chicken Salad
    Cajun Smoked Turkey Chowder
    Hot Pockets
    Chicken Parmesan w/Linguini
    (V) Eggplant Parmesan
    Action Station: Sandwiches Made to Order

    LS Chapel

  4. 8

    US - MS Lunch Menu

    DAY 2
    Chef Salad
    Rice & Vegetable Soup
    Baked Corn Dogs
    Beef Lasagna
    (V) Stuffed Bell Pepper
    Action Station: Chicken Po Boy w/Creole Sauce

    Curriculum Coffee (Classes K & 1)

    Chao Assembly Room

    MS Chapel - SJD

  5. 9

    MS - US Lunch Menu

    DAY 3
    Trio Salad
    French Onion Soup
    Sausage on a Stick
    General Tso's Chicken
    (V) Vegetable Curry
  6. 10

    MS - US Lunch Menu

    DAY 4
    Greek Salad
    Chicken Noodle Soup
    Chicken Sandwich w/Toppings
    Fried Catfish
    (V) Cuban Black Bean Casserole
    Action Station: BBQ Chopped Brisket on Bun
  1. 13

    MS - US Lunch Menu

    DAY 5
    Tuna Salad on Mixed Green Lettuce
    Creole Vegetable Soup
    Baked Potato w/Toppings
    Red Beans w/Sausage
    (V) Quinoa w/Green Beans, Carrots & Potatoes
    Action Station: Steamed Tamales
  2. 14

    MS - US Lunch Menu

    DAY 6
    Grilled Chicken Salad
    Minestrone Soup
    Hamburger w/Toppings
    Caribbean Style Jerk Chicken
    (V) Spinach Stuffed Tomato
    Action Station: Sandwiches made to Order

    14 on the 14th: Liberal Arts Colleges Across the U.S. -- virtual

    We are excited to announce 14 on the 14th — monthly virtual college fairs with 14 liberal arts colleges! Designed for prospective students, our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to get to know our institutions in-depth at their own pace. 

    On the 14th of each month, September through December, we will come together to offer "15 Minutes of Tips" for the college application process followed by an hour-long virtual college fair. Each institution will have its own Zoom room for students to meet with an admission officer and when available a current student or alum. The format is the same every month with different opening topics and tips.

    Register via this link: https://connect.cmc.edu/register/US14

    **This program is not sponsored by St. John's School.**
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    MS - US Lunch Menu

    DAY 7
    BLT Salad
    Cream of Roasted Cauliflower Soup
    Pepperoni Hot Pockets
    Beef Stroganoff
    (V) Lentil Curry w/Basmati Rice

    MS Assembly

    LS Holiday Parties

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