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Private Piano Lessons

Interested in joining the SJS Piano Program? Indicate your interest using the form below:
New Student Form 2024-2025

Interview Date for 2024-2025 Piano Program: Monday, May 6, 2024
Admission Process
Admittance to the St. John’s Piano Program occurs in this way:
  1. Indicate interest using the form: New Student Form 2024-2025
  2. April 2024: Those who have entered their interest via the New Student Form are emailed an invitation to sign up for an interview
  3. May 2024: Student interviews for the program, and may be given placement for the 2024-2025 Academic Year.
Occasionally, last-minute opportunities to interview for the program may arise during the summer or the middle of the year. If such an opportunity arises for your student, a piano teacher will contact you based on the information provided on the New Student Form.

The St. John’s School Fine Arts Department offers students the opportunity to enroll in piano lessons on campus, whether in private, partner, or group settings. The piano program is a thirteen-year preparatory curriculum taught by our outstanding piano faculty, who are trained in Piano Performance and Pedagogy and are experts in their field. We aim to develop overall musicianship in each student through a reading based curriculum. Individualized lesson plans are rooted in developing each student’s skills, appreciation for all styles of music, and confidence in performance. Private lessons are complemented by small group sessions that provide collaborative learning opportunities.

Teaching Philosophy
  • To foster complete musical growth through performance, technique, and theory
  • To set a basis for creative and motivated practice
  • To encourage students to reach their highest potential through performance opportunities
  • To facilitate discovery-based learning that grows independent students
Students who are enrolled in the St. John’s School private piano program will receive:
  • traditional private lessons
  • collaborative and small group sessions to explore comprehensive musicianship skills such as ear training, harmonization, and improvisation
  • master class instruction
  • recitals and recital rehearsals
  • participation in FORUM and Houston Music Teacher’s Association events throughout the year, including the TMTA Theory Test and other competitive/non-competitive events

After School Group Piano Program:
With the development of the St. John's School Piano Lab, group piano instruction is offered at many different age and experience levels for students getting ready for private lessons. Group classes are 45 minutes in length and will meet every week throughout the piano term at St. John’s School. With a standard full-sized keyboard for each student, classes also have a low student to teacher ratio to offer individualized attention.

For our K-1 beginners, the Beginning Group Piano class introduces students to the instrument in a fun, inviting, and creative environment. Students will learn introductory concepts of playing and reading through exploration and discovery activities. Classes are comprised of movement activities, group discovery, semi-private lessons, and performance practices that are age-appropriate for students in Kindergarten and 1st Grade.

For our older or more experienced beginners, Elementary I and Elementary II classes focus on preparing the student for private lessons, with an emphasis on developing technique, ensemble skills, and music theory.

Term dates for School Year 2024-2025

Term One: August 26 - January 17
Term Two: January 21 - May 3
Tuition by term
Group Piano
small group lessons, supplemented by semi-private mini-lessons (45 minutes)
Lower School
private lessons, supplemented by small group sessions
(45 minutes)
Middle School
private lessons, supplemented by small group sessions
(45 minutes)
Upper School
private lessons, supplemented by small group sessions
(60 minutes)

Returning Student Form:
Returning Student Form 2024-2025

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