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Middle School

The middle school years offer students incredible growth in all aspects of their lives as they transition from childhood to young adulthood. It is a time for fostering independence as students take ownership of their learning and engagement within the classroom and in the various educational venues throughout and beyond the St. John’s campus. It is during these middle school years that students should live through a wide variety of experiences. They need to be energized about learning, forming the academic habits and honing the skills that will make them lifelong learners. They must also develop the self-discipline to work through the inevitable social challenges that characterize these years.

With the good fortune of having a strong academic population as well as an upper school destination for our students, we have the distinct opportunity to devote significant attention to student development beyond the classroom. Surrounded by knowledgeable and caring faculty members committed to cultivating people of character, middle school students at St. John’s have a wide variety of learning opportunities.


School Initiatives

While the Curriculum Guide focuses mostly on the classroom, it is important to note some of the major ways in which the School addresses student development through co-curricular and extra-curricular initiatives and efforts, including:

  1. Teachers who are specialists in their disciplines and know that meaningful growth and confidence comes from authentic achievement.
  2. A wide selection of enrichment activities to encourage participation, creativity, and a sense of shared accomplishment, and to expose students to a variety of potential interests beyond the standard curriculum. Offerings vary but typically include student council, choral and instrumental music, dance, quiz bowl, and many other teacher and student-initiated programs.
  3. Required participation in a quality physical education and athletics program to complement students’ intellectual growth with physical development, promoting health and fitness and encouraging teamwork.
  4. High expectations of ethical behavior through adherence to an honor code as well as focused commitment to character development through division-wide assemblies and an advisory system at all three grade levels. Additionally, chapel services reinforce shared beliefs and promote appreciation of differences.
  5. An outdoor education program that supports classroom work and fosters class cohesiveness while fostering social skills, self-reliance, and confidence through authentic challenge. This program begins with a sixth grade trip to MO Ranch in Hunt, Texas, continues with a seventh grade Texas Tour through the San Antonio, Austin, and Hill Country areas, and culminates in a five day eighth grade camping trip in Utah.
  6. A significant commitment to community service, including projects at community centers, local parks, and homeless shelters. Involvement in such activities sharpens students’ awareness of others’ needs and helps to develop a sense of social responsibility.

Middle School Honor Code

Our Honor Code says that each Middle School student should be honest, respectful, and responsible.
  • Students deserve to be in a school environment in which their peers follow this code.
  • Honesty means being truthful to other people and to oneself.
  • Respect includes a regard for other people’s belongings and feelings, including respect for school property.
  • Responsibility for one’s actions involves being dependable. Students at St. John’s are expected to follow through with what they say they will do
Conclusion: In order for this Code to be successful, we must all agree to be honest, respectful, and responsible.

If we all follow this Honor Code, St. John’s Middle School will be the kind of place we want it to be.

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