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Upper School

Independent Study Projects

The Independent Studies Project is designed for disciplined and self-motivated students in classes 10-12. The goal is to allow such students the flexibility to pursue an area of study of personal interest at their own pace and in greater depth than the standard curriculum allows. Past ISPs have included:
  • glassblowing
  • jewelry making
  • designing and building a go-cart
  • the production of films, of plays, and of musical CDs
  • designing a robot
  • charity events
  • writing, including novels in English and collections of short stories in other languages
All critical aspects of the ISP are determined by the students themselves together with their mentors--experts in the field of the students' own choosing--subject to review by the Program Director. Students write a proposal and complete an application that includes the purpose and scope of the study, along with criteria for evaluation. At the end of the projects, students present their work to an audience that includes faculty evaluators.

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