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Private Instrument Lessons

St. John's School encourages our K-12 students to take private instrument lessons and offers on-site lessons for violin (Grades 2-12), flute (Grades 6-12) and clarinet (6-12). Fees will be paid to the school by the semester. These lessons are taught during or after school and are based on the availability of the teacher and the student's schedule.

30min = $59
45min = $88
60min = $115

Requests will be processed in the following order: 1) returning students, 2) students on the previous year's waiting list, and 3) new requests by postmark. The teachers will contact parents during the first week of school to schedule lessons. Please provide a phone number or email address where you can be reached during the summer months.

Please click the link to submit a form indicating your child's interest. New and returning students must submit a form. Please submit a separate form per request per child. The teachers will be contacting all parents in mid-August in response to requests.

Link to Enrollment Form 2024-2025

If you have questions regarding the Private Instrument program, please contact Anthony Leakey at aleakey@sjs.org.

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