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Experiential Education

Class 9 Orientation Trip

Class 12 Orientation counselors help lead activities on this 3-day, 2-night trip. The trip is strategically placed just prior to the start of classes as we believe in the profound impact of working to establish personal relationships among students and teachers as they lay the foundation for academic success during their time in Upper School. In addition to the physical activities, students will have an opportunity to bond with their advisory, with whom they will spend the next four years, as well as engage in important conversations with Class 12 Orientation Counselors and faculty.

Forcing a break from preparation for school and fall sports, this "time-out" from the frantic back-to-school pace allows the nearly 70 new students to begin building friendships with each other and with classmates coming through the tunnel from our Georges Middle School. Orientation Counselors (all seniors) work hard to get to know the freshmen and help share their expertise from their own Upper School experience. Student and faculty-led conversations about how to balance busy academic and extra-curricular activities with the need for relaxation and sleep play a critical role in helping prepare new Class 9 students for the impending academic year.

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