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About SJS

Faculty and Staff

Senior Administrative Team

List of 14 members.

  • Photo of Mark Desjardins

    Mark Desjardins 

    713-850-0222 Ext. 400
  • Photo of Christine Curran

    Christine "Chris" Curran 

    Associate Headmaster
    713-850-0222, Ext. 240
  • Photo of Hollis Amley

    Hollis Amley 

    Head of Upper School
    713-850-0222 Ext. 402
  • Photo of Vincent Arduini

    Vincent Arduini 

    Director of Athletics
    713-850-0222 Ext. 380
  • Photo of Harold Batiste

    Harold "Gene" Batiste 

    Director of Community and Inclusion
    713-850-0222 Ext. 421
  • Photo of Courtney Burger

    Courtney Burger 

    Director of Admission
    713-850-0222, Ext. 229
  • Photo of Chia-Chee Chiu

    Chia-Chee Chiu 

    Head of Middle School
    713-850-0222 Ext. 411
  • Photo of Mark Dini

    Mark Dini 

    Chief Advancement Officer, CFRE
  • Photo of Margaret Henry

    Margaret "Megan" Henry 

    Director of K-12 Academic Programs
    713-850-0222, Ext. 462
  • Photo of Jamie Kim

    Jamie Kim 

    Director of College Counseling
    713-850-0222 Ext. 312
  • Photo of John McDonald

    John "Bill" McDonald 

    Director of Fine Arts, Middle/Upper School Theatre
    713-850-0222, Ext. 600
  • Photo of Thomas McLaughlin

    Thomas "Tom" McLaughlin 

    Head of Lower School
    713-850-0222 Ext. 206
  • Photo of Ned Mulligan

    Ned Mulligan 

    Director of Spiritual Life
    713-850-0222 Ext. 422
  • Photo of Greg Swan

    Greg Swan 

    Chief Financial Officer

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