Sam Chambers
Girls' and Boys' Volleyball advance to the SPC Championship final on Friday.  Field Hockey loses a close one to All Saints,
Cross Country races start on Friday morning.
The Mavericks "go to the mattresses" on Friday in Girls' and Boys' Volleyball.   Both teams are paying no attention to their regular season record.  Seeded third, the girls swept Hockaday and took out All Saints 3-1.  "We reached the final due to team effort, and defense" said James Fuller, Head Girls' Volleyball coach.  The boys' only regular season loss was to Greenhill, a conference power house.  The Mavericks were once again deep in their own fox hole to the team that beat them last week.   Down two games to nil, the boys got to the surface and harnessed the Hornets winning the last game 15-13.  "Our never-say-die Mavs did it again," said Eric Lombardi, Head Boys' Volleyball coach.

According to, about 500 years ago, in Florence, Michaelangelo Bunoarroti was in charge of defending the bell tower.  He used mattresses to lessen the blow from the cannon fire.  Soldiers also slept on the floors in vacated homes to bolster defense.  Tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. the Maverick girls must also rely on defense against ESD, a team with a couple of cannons of their own.  Once that smoke clears, the boys will be in the title game against St. Mark's and the league's best hitter at 4:00 p.m. 

The mattress theme eventually found its way to the "Godfather" films.  Even though Fuller and Lombardi are no Brandos, you can bet they will be sending their troops to the floor to try and dig out a victory and a championship for the first time since 1987 (girls), and the first time ever for the boys, centuries ago.