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Wellness Team Initiatives

During the first week back to school after winter break, Freedom from Chemical Dependency (FCD) Prevention Works visited campus to meet with Middle and Upper School students and faculty. This is the third year FCD has worked directly with Classes 6-12. The FCD specialists met with groups of 30-40 students in Classes 6-11 for three days in a row to help facilitate discussions around the risks of use/abuse, social norms, and establishing happy, healthy, alcohol-free and drug-free lives.

FCD spent one day with Class 12 in small group discussions on the following topics:
  • Stressed to Perform: The Myth that Alcohol and Other Drugs Reduce Stress
  • College Use on College Campuses: What’s Really Happening (Reality vs Misconception)
  • How to Help a Friend: Warning Signs
FCD specialists also met with faculty to discuss current trends, how to help a student in need, and how to best use the School's resources. The School also hosted an evening event for parents to meet with FCD specialists. The specialists focused on how to facilitate conversations with your children regarding substance use/abuse and how to help a friend in need. FCD encourages parents and families, as vital prevention agents, to be active participants in student substance abuse prevention through their own education and engagement.

The week was also supplemented with a talk to our parents from Peter Flour ’07, a St. John's alum who is in healthy recovery. Peter and an alum from Kinkaid led talks with Class 12 on leaving a legacy and how important community and connection are when entering into college.

Next month, students will be listening to Crystal Collier talk about the myths in the marketing of vaping. Crystal spoke to our parents in October. The Wellness Team is focused on parents and students hearing the same messages from the same speakers to help facilitate conversations at home.

For more information on Wellness Events, please click here.

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