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Wellness in Middle School

Social Emotional Learning is a cornerstone of a St. John’s education. In today’s world, a person is not considered “well-educated” if they do not have good social skills, a commitment to the well being of self and others, and a sense of responsibility for the greater good. Our school mission challenges us to help students develop empathy, morality, and integrity, demonstrated in both word and deed. Accountability, dependability, honor, and compassion for others are traits we most want to foster in our students.
The SEL curriculum serves as the foundation for addressing topics such as digital citizenship, friendship, drugs and alcohol, healthy sexuality, mindfulness, mindset, honor and honesty, nutrition, depression, stress management, and many others. The family atmosphere of Advisory provides a safe environment for students to explore their thoughts and feelings with friends who may or may not share their same perspective. We encourage thoughtful discussions and independent thinking, while respecting the views and opinions of others. We embrace diversity and recognize the value and richness of our eclectic community. We learn from each other and celebrate the opportunities gained for greater understanding and acceptance.
The MS SEL Curriculum is based on the 5 foundational CASEL skills: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Advisory meetings cover topics including belonging, community, stress management, healthy relationships, kindness, compassion, and gratitude.
Advisors will dedicate at least one of the two advisory periods each week to a SEL lesson, with the second extended advisory period used for follow up discussions, Advisor/Advisee check-ins, and addressing current issues relevant to all MS students. In addition, the MS student body will enjoy speakers, assemblies and additional activities to expand their Advisory/SEL experience.

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