Girls' Soccer in First SPC Finals

St. John's Girls' Varsity Soccer ended another team's winning streak and started one of their own. The Mavericks shut out the ESD Eagles 4-0 in the conference semi-finals to put a halt on the Eagles' 50 consecutive conference wins from four previous championships and this season. ESD defeated St. John's in 2017, but a year later the Mavericks were all about starting their own streak. For the first time in the history of the program, St. John's Girls' Soccer made the championship game.  In the finals against favored Kinkaid, the only team to defeat St. John's in the regular season, St. John's trailed 3-0 at the half. The Mavericks rallied with two second-half goals only to run out of time to tie it up. 
In 2017 St. John's Girls' Varsity Soccer made it to the conference semi-finals, a rare appearance for the program. With a blend of veterans, new players, and gritty attitudes, the 2018 Mavericks find themselves in the championship game, a place they have never been before. 

"To reach this landmark is really exciting," said senior captain Grace Melcher '18. "Our new and younger players are really good and they want it. They are ready to work for it and they are a huge asset and totally changed our game."

Freshman Katina Christensen '21, one of a handful of starting freshmen, scored one goal and assisted in two more in the opening tournament win. She also netted another unassisted goal against ESD.  
"The team has been welcoming and accepting of my role, " said Christensen. "It's not like middle school. Speed matters and it is fun playing on this team. The offense is very dynamic."  

Also new to the team are two juniors, Shelby Desroches '19 and Madeline Cuozzo '19.

"I'm very excited for SPC," said Desroches.  It's a new experience and I hope we can give it our all." 

"This team has been so much fun and inclusive," said Cuozzo.  "I feel like I've been here since my freshman year. Being on the soccer team has helped me connect to the community and the captains were very welcoming."  

"We have developed mentality that we are going to outwork and out-compete our opponents," said Head Coach Susan Quill '99.  "We have an award for the player who is going to take care of the nitty-gritty or the details of what needs to happen." 

"Coach Quill emphasizes that we go for every single ball," said goalkeeper Laurel McKelvey '18.  "If you relax for one second or don't get back one time or don't make one play, that could be the game changer and that could end your season and that could be it for the seniors. For every single play, you've got to be gritty."

In the finals for the first time, the St. John's Girls' Soccer team started a new phase of the program. Veterans and newcomers alike gave their all in gritty competitive form. The Mavericks were down 3-0 at the half but managed to get two scores in the second period only to fall 3-2. 

Sam Chambers

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