Upper School Counselor

A. Fussell
St. John's School, a coeducational independent day school in Houston, Texas, is looking for an Upper School Counselor.  The St. John’s School Counseling Program is designed to address the social, emotional, and developmental needs of students that arise within the community. The Upper School Counselor may provide short-term counseling, mental health assessments and consultation, crisis management, ongoing support, coaching, and referrals to community and mental health resources. Consultation and collaboration with teachers, administrators, the Counseling Department and All School Director of Wellness, families, and outside mental health professionals provide seamless service and support to students. The primary facets of the Upper School Counselor's role involve:
  • providing direct counseling services,
  • consultation with administration and faculty,
  • wellness and social emotional education for students, faculty, and parents, and
  • serving as a liaison amongst the school, students, parents, and outside agencies or professionals in order to plan and implement strategies for success of the individual student.
The St. John's School Counseling Department is composed of three counselors, one in each division. All three counselors work closely with the All School Director of Wellness and have significant training and experience in counseling, wellness education, therapeutic intervention, and program development. Candidates with more than five years of experience in school counseling and/or clinical settings are preferred. Additionally, preferred candidates will have a strong knowledge of normal child development, mental health disorders and learning disabilities; a Master’s Degree in Counseling, Social Work, or another mental health field; teaching experience in a classroom setting; experience with Wellness and Social Emotional Learning curriculum; and, an understanding of a wide variety of intervention skills, methods and strategies to meet individual student needs. Applicants should send cover letter and resume to Hollis Amley, Head of Upper School, hamley@sjs.org.