Justise Winslow '14 speaks to SJS freshmen

Pizza, dreams, and Justise Winslow. The freshmen at St. John’s School couldn’t have asked for a better lunch hour on Friday, August 28. The energy in the Chao Assembly Room was contagious. Students, faculty, and media crews were all anticipating what Justise Winslow ’14, could possibly say to the group of wide-eyed, high school newbies, when he himself was a freshman only five years ago.

Winslow, who played basketball so well at St. John’s that he committed to play NCAA ball with five-time NCAA Champions Duke University, was recently drafted by the Miami Heat. He played an essential part in getting the Blue Devils to the championship, which resulted in their fifth title win. This season, he will play with the Heat, alongside basketball greats such as teammate Dwayne Wade.
Now back on the St. John’s campus, two years after graduating, he was poised to make an impression on arguably the most impressionable group at the School. And that he did.
“Probably the most important part in following your dreams is to realize that it is possible,” Winslow said. “And the second most important thing is: Action.”
Winslow took his listeners on a quick recap of his journey to the NBA. But most importantly, he left the freshmen with various words of wisdom. His motivational words carried a lot of weight, coming from a young alumnus.
“What good is it to dream, if you don’t motivate others around you to dream big too?” Winslow asked.

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