Justise Winslow '14 talks about St. John's, NBA draft

The New York Post published a piece on Justise Winslow '14. Read the entire story here.

How a lifetime of competitive fire molded Justise Winslow into Knicks option

Ask anyone who has followed the basketball career of Justise Winslow for the moment they thought he had the chance to be something special, and each points to the same moment: the state title game in his freshman year at St. John’s School, a small, private school in Houston.

Trying to lift the school to its first basketball title in more than 30 years, Winslow — playing alongside his older brother Josh — had been spectacular, putting up 43 points and 16 rebounds. With 12 seconds left and the score tied, coach Harold Baber knew there was no one else he would rather have with the ball in his hands.
“We drew up a play, and he worked it to perfection,” Baber said. “He crosses a guy over and gets into the lane, and no one would have been bothered if he took a shot. But his brother’s guy steps up, and he finds him and Josh lays it in as the buzzer sounded.

“It was worked to perfection by a freshman. It was one of those moments … you always knew he was special, but in the biggest game of his career at that point, he goes for 43 and 16 and finishes the game exactly the way you drew it up.
“That’s when I was like, ‘Wow, this is something extraordinary.’ ”