Against All Odds- City Champs!

Congratulations to the Mavericks Middle School Wrestling team for winning their first City Championship.
The odds were against the Mavericks Middle School Wrestling team to come away with the 2015 City Championship trophy this past weekend. St. John’s has never won the event.  West Briar, the perennial middle school wrestling power, has a claim to all of the titles in recent history, and they were the host team. 
St. John’s defeated West Briar for the first time earlier in the season, yet hours prior to the first city championship match, the Mavericks had three starters scratch.
“My coaching point to our team Friday was that you need to expect the unexpected in tournament wrestling and that both challenging and positive surprises will occur,” said St. John’s Head Middle School Wrestling Coach Jeb Ligums.  “It is during those times that we need to fall back on our teammates for support. I was not expecting to lose three starters seemingly coincident with those words leaving my mouth but it was the two second place finishers (Sam Finney ’20 and Jack Shea ’19) who subbed in the final hour to score twenty points, the margin of victory.”
St. John’s finished with 127 points followed by West Briar (107) and Kinkaid (69).  14 points are awarded for wins, 10 points for second place, and seven points for third place.  St. John’s had finalists in 10 of the 14 weight classes two of which were voided.
Drew Woodcox ’20, August Windham ’19, Will Skinner ’20, and Scotty Malcolm ’20 finished third.  Jacob Tulek ’19, Shea, Thomas Grannen ’20, Finney, and Jonah Pesikoff ’19 came in second.  Michael Spedale ’19, Matthew Kushwaha ’19, Chase Gray ’19, Wesley Gow ’19, and Malcolm Sturgis ’19 finished first.   Sturgis and Kushwaha were named co-best tournament wrestlers. 

"Ive never seen anything like the way these teammates use camaraderie to drive to victory together," said Assisstant Middle School Wrestling Coach Buck Elkins '07.  "The boys overcome shortcomings without flinching, as the team is deep in talent and numbers."
St. John’s returns to the home for the MS City Dual Championships on January 23,  followed by the MS State Championships on January 30-31 at Southlake Carroll.