Big Cat's Meow

Sam Chambers
Congratulations to the St. John's Boys' and Girls' Varsity Swimming teams for taking first place in the 2014 Tomball Big Cat Swimming Invitational.  Both teams took control of the meet from beginning and never looked back. 
The Maverick Girls' team started off with a first place finish in the 200 medley relay composed of Ellie Strawn, Elena Skaribas, Noel Higgason, and Paige Raun.  The Maverick stepped up to finish two relays in the top six out of sixteen teams in the event.  The A relay was composed of Paul Schwartz, Samuel Ho, Michael He, and Peter Cordill. 
The Mavericks continued outscoring the other teams throughout the meet.  St John’s swimmer scoring at the meet (top 16 places) were:
Girls 200 Freestyle – Sarah Bland and Anna Szinyei
Boys 200 Freestyle – Pearse Higgason, Alex Cherches, and Michael Huang
Girls 200 Individual Medley – Noel Higgason, Rebecca Chen, and Paige Raun
Boys 200 Individual Medley – Paul Schwartz (1st Place, School Record), Samuel Ho, Carson Harraman
Girls 50 Freestyle – Elena Skaribas (1st Place), Anna Szinyei.  (71 swimmers in the event)
Boys 50 Freestyle – Peter Cordill, and Eric Gao (86 swimmers in the event)
Girls 100 Butterfly – Noel Higgason (1st Place), Paige Raun, Mary Harvey
Boys 100 Butterfly – Paul Schwartz, Michel He, Eric Gao, Carson Harraman
Girls 100 Freestyle – Elena Skaribas (1st Place) Emma Gobillot
Boys 100 Freestyle – Peter Cordill
Girls 500 Freestyle – Sarah Bland
Boys 500 Freestyle – Pearse Higgason,  Davis Flowers
Girls 200 Freestyle Relay – 1st Place (Paige Raun, Noel Higgason, Emma Gobillot, Elena Skaribas) and B Relay (Anna Szinyei, Mary Harvey, Morgan Sholeen, Mary Martha Maclay).
Boys 200 Freestyle – A Relay (Peter Cordill, Ethan Wang, Paul Schwartz, John Henry Wilson) B Relay (Carson Harraman, Michael Huang, Alex Cherches, Henry Paradise)
Girls 100 Backstroke – Ellie Strawn, Rebecca Chen,  Emma Gobillot, Morgan Sholeen
Boys 100 Backstroke – Michael He (1st Place), Davis Flowers, Travis Allday
Girls 100 Breaststroke – Renee Roberts, Elly Berge, Mary Martha Maclay
Girls 100 Breaststroke – Samuel Ho (1st Place), Ethan Wang
Girls 400 Freestyle Relay – A Relay (Rebecca Chen, Elly Berge, Emma Gobillot, Ellie Strawn) B Relay (Anna Szinyei, Sarah Bland, Mary Harvey, Renee Roberts)
Boys 400 Freestyle Relay – A Relay (Michael He, Samuel Ho, Pearse Higgason, Michael Huang) B Relay (Eric Gao, Zachary Boroughs, Matthew Walsh, Henry Paradise)
Top three team finisher:
Girls Team: St. John’s – 435, Tomball Memorial HS – 283.5, Montgomery HS – 252.5
Boys Team: St. John’s – 389.5, Spring HS – 294, Montgomery HS – 243
Combined Team:  St. John’s – 824.5, Montgomery HS – 495.5, Cypress Woods HS – 457
Our next meet is in Corpus Christi on January 9th and 10th.