SPC-Final Results

Sam Chambers
Mavericks hit the tape, turf, and warning track in Division 1 competition at the spring SPC championships in Dallas.


Girls' Lacrosse: (S1) 9-8 loss vs. Hockaday (N1)RUNNER-UP 
Boys' Track & Field: RUNNER-UP 
Girls' Golf: RUNNER-UP 

Girls' Track & Field3RD PLACE 
(S1) 3-2 win vs. Kinkaid (S4) 3RD PLACE 
Boys' Tennis: 
(S2) 3-2 loss vs. St. Andrew's (S3) 4TH PLACE 
Boys' Lacrosse:
(S3)13-12 OT win vs Greenhill (N3) 5TH PLACE 
Baseball: (S3) 10-3 loss vs Holland Hall (N1)  8TH PLACE 
Girls' Tennis: (S3)  3-2 loss vs. EHS (S4) 8TH PLACE 
Boys' Golf: 11TH PLACE 
Boys' Tennis: (S2) 3-2 win vs. Oakridge (N3); 5-0 loss vs Greenhill (N1)Greenhill 
Baseball: (S3) 15-5 loss vs. St. Mark’s (N2); 4-3 loss vs Trinity Valley @ St. Mark’s (broadcast live on TSRN)
Boys' & Girls' Track: 10:00 a.m. St. Mark’s 
Girls' Tennis: (S3) 4-1 loss vs Greenhill (N2); 4-1 loss vs ESD @ Hockaday; 
Softball: (S1) 10-0 win vs. Casady (N4); 17-4 loss vs Houston Christian @ Greenhill (broadcast live on TSRN)
Girls' Lacrosse: (S1) 13-2 win vs. Greenhill (N4); 17-8 win vs. Kinkaid (S3) @ ESD

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