TBT-Maverick Girls' Lacrosse

Sam Chambers
St. John's Girls' Lacrosse finished the 2014 regular season with a 17-6 win over long time rival Cy Fair.  Throwback to 2005, the year St. John's became the Mavericks and Cy Fair was the favorite.
In the 2005 State Semi-Final,St. John's Girls' Lacrosse stepped into the history books on the newly dedicated Scotty Caven Field at Scottland Yard.   Playing as the Mavericks for the first time in state lacrosse history, St. John's was the underdog against the Cy Fair Iron Maidens, who were riding a three-year undefeated winning streak.

Little did St. John’s know that their win would spark a decade-long dynasty for the newly-minted Mavericks.  All they knew was that they were a scrappy group, who despite losing a bunch of regular season games, were starting to “feel it.”  Captains Caroline Hussey ‘05, Julia Allen ‘05 and Mimi Hayes ‘05 at the helm.  Freshman phenom Clayton Crum ‘08 wreaking havoc at “cover point” – what one of the defensive positions was called back then.  From the very first whistle, the Iron Maidens knew they were in trouble.  The Mavs were not going to lose that day. Kate Donnelly ‘07, Sarah Jewett ‘08, Brittney Whisenant ‘05, Claire Smith ‘07…playing all-out to silence the Maidens.   When the final whistle blew, the brand new scoreboard at Scottland Yard said it all:  St. John’s 9.  Visitor 7.  That win was the Maverick’s first state championship in the new century, and it ignited a fierce rivalry with Cy Fair the continues to this day.