Sam Chambers
Robby Rybarczyk '13 signs a national letter of intent to play lacrosse at Northwestern University next year.

Great athletes get noticed by college coaches. They can’t hide even if they try. 14 Varsity letters, 11 championship game appearances, 6 championship victories, and 2 Academic All American certificates later, Rybarczyk could not slip through the net of the NCAA.   The speed and agility she has used to dodge and defended opponents for four years, would not escape the eyes of Northwestern’s Kelly Amonte Hiller, whose Wildcats have won seven out of the last eight Division 1 National Lacrosse titles.
“A hot knife through butter, she is a blur through the 8 meter,” said Head Lamar Girls’ Lacrosse Coach Anthony Petrucianni. “In order to take Robby out of her game plan, you have to match up against her physically and mentally.”
“Robby has done it her way and she is going to make a great student-athlete at Northwestern,” said St. John’s Head Lacrosse Coach Angie Kensinger. “She has the talent and her work ethic is off the charts.”
A multi-sport athlete (field hockey, basketball, lacrosse) Rybarczyk is always trying to keep her edge.
“During a winter basketball tournament, Robby woke up at 6:00 a.m. to do a workout on the same day we had three basketball games,” said Head Basketball Coach Kathy Halligan.
This fall she attended a national lacrosse tournament in Florida.
“I went just for fun, and to be with my teammates,” said Rybarczyk.
Jess Carroll ’11, a former Maverick teammate of Robby’s, and a starter on the Northwestern 2012 National Championship team, was on the sideline with Rybarczyk’s team as an assistant. Amonte Hiller was close by and had seen enough of Rybarczyk’s play to call Coach Kensinger for a final validation.
Two seasons later in front of coaches, teammates, friends, and administrators, Rybarczyk signed a national letter of intent (NLI) to play lacrosse for Northwestern next year.
“I am excited to do what I can to help the Wildcats,” said Robby. “I have always loved playing sports and I cannot imagine stopping at the end of this year.”

"She is a shining light for her teammates, the athletic department, and St. John's School," said Athletic Director, Vince Arduini.
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