Sam Chambers
In the 32nd running of the Maverick Ramble, St. John's set foot on a new venue with winning results.
The Maverick Girls Cross Country team won the Varsity and JV divisions along with the victorious Boys Varsity, JV, and Middle School teams at the 32nd Ramble.

Please click here for more on the Boys results, and here for more on the Girls results.

The Ramble course is not the only trace to change this season.   The SPC finals will be held in Fort Worth at Trinity Valley School, not at the longstanding venue of Norbuck Park in Dallas.  Both teams are testing the new field pattern this weekend to see if they can get a foothold on the finish line.  The Girls team is walking the course tonight.

"Each runner is bringing a flashlight," said Girls' Head Coach Rachel Fabre.  "We will see if this makes day time running seem easy."

A new meaning to Friday Night Lights, Maverick Cross Country is not missing a step.