No Ordinary Joe

Sam Chambers
Led by freshman phenom Joe Faraguna '16, Maverick Boys' Cross Country is off to the races.
Joe Faraguna ’16, who turned 15 today, won his second straight Freshman Race at the San Jacinto Battleground Invitational on September 8th.  Faraguna ran 11:54 on the tough course on a hot and muggy morning, destroying the rest in the field.  In his previous meet, Faraguna won the Freshman Race at The Woodlands "Friday Night Lights" after taking a wrong turn. A half-mile into the race Joe veered off the course, a move which cost him 30 yards and dropped him from 1st to 8th place. A half lap back into the race he regained the lead and ran away from the competition in a time of 10:59.  
“I was caught up into running really fast,” said Joe. “I missed the turn, but I recovered and won the race by about 15 seconds.”
Undefeated in freshman two-mile races this year, Joe ran with the big boys in the varsity division at the John Cooper Dragaon Invitational. Happy birthday, Joe!

Sam Chambers-Athletic News

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