The Power of 12

Sam Chambers
Mary Ashleigh Boles ('10) and the Washington and Lee Volleyball team are shaking up the Shenandoah.
Something seismic is going on in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference.  Guilford, Gettysburg, and Greensboro are the latest victims of a G-force vibrating from the volleyball courts at Washington and Lee University. The W&L Women’s Volleyball team is forming a new rift between them and their competition. The Generals have won 12 straight matches, giving only two sets away, making theirs the best Women’s Volleyball start in school history.
At the epicenter of this movement is #12, Mary Ashleigh “M.A.” Boles (’10), who is rattling her opponents like she did last season starring at outside hitter. Causing good vibrations on the court, M.A. was just named MVP of the W&L Invitational. She was honored--for the third time--as ODAC Player of the Week. Her current NCAA D3 National Ranking is #6 in Kills Per Set (4.46); #9 in Points Per Set (5.06); and #45 in Hitting Percentage (.386). Percentages like these for an Outside Hitter are unusually high.
Volleyball is not the only thing shaking in Lexington. On August 23rd a surprise 5.9-magnitude earthquake sent vibrations up and down the East Coast.  Seismic stations across the country picked up the event as P and S waves shot through strata including the layers around Lexington, Virginia where Boles and the volleyball team were gathered.  The last major quake in Virginia was in 1897. 

"The earthquake really came out of nowhere" said M.A.  “We were having a team meeting on the top floor of the gym and suddenly everything started shaking.  First the projector, then the desks, and floor.  At first we didn't know what it was.  I only felt one aftershock a few days later, but it was strong enough to wake me up in the middle of the night.”

The Generals have road stops this season in Marietta, Salem, Lynchburg, Virginia Beach, Atlanta and Newport News. If those gyms received any structural damage from the quake, they’d better bring in some reinforcements before Boles brings her nationally ranked stats and her twelve game winning streak.  Boles is hitting the East Coast hard—force 12, at least. Get out the Richter scales and get ready to measure some bump-set-spike action that hasn't been felt in this century.
Sam Chambers- Athletic News