High “Sistosterone” Creates Winning Teamwork

Sam Chambers
Sisters Kelley ('09) and Mary ('11) Harrison are reunited on the Brown Bear Field Hockey team.
In 2008 the sisters Harrison (Kelley ’09, then Mary ’11) combined for 2 goals that gave the Mavericks the SPC championship in field hockey for the first time since 1981.  It was not happenstance that the siblings are so quick to assist each other.  This relationship was fostered through years on the soccer pitch in West University, where the Harrison girls used a foundation of solid training that allowed them to establish a trusting partnership in high school, and now in college.
“Kelley and I always knew where we were going to be on the field.  It was weird to pass the ball and find she would always be there.  This is hard to explain, but it was a vibe or field sense we developed over the years that was on automatic pilot,” said Mary.
The two are reunited at Brown University where once again freshman Mary is taking cues from big sister Kelley on the Bear Varsity Field Hockey team.  In Brown's only victory of the season so far, Kelley scored the game winner against UC Davis, breaking a 2-2 tie with 5:49 to go in the game.  Mary, #10, is as close to her sister, #9, on the roster as she is on the field.
“With Kelley’s help I’m learning a lot about college field hockey,” said Mary.  “The pace of the game is so much faster and it is all just very intense.  The team unity reminds me a lot of St. John’s.  We are all so close, just the way the Mavericks always are.  Even with a two year break, I think Kelley and I would both agree that our sister chemistry is strong as ever.”
“It’s great having Mary here,” said Kelley.  “I always loved being on a team with her in high school and that hasn't changed.  It is exciting to see how quickly she’s adapting to the college game too.  She is doing much better than I did at first.  I think the chemistry is definitely still there—it’s kind of like a 6th sense knowing where she is and what she is probably going to do.  We play very similarly too which makes her an easy person to play with.  Overall it has been awesome to have her here!”
That bond may come in handy for the Bears, who are searching for their second win of the season in a conference counter at Columbia on September 17th.   Since the victory over Cal-Davis, the Bears dropped 2 straight to Pacific 4-3 and Iowa 7-0, nevertheless, Mary got ten minutes of pt in the blowout loss and perhaps enough time to ignite the chemistry of champions with Kelley.
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