Back the Scarlet and Black!

Sam Chambers
SPC: day 2.  Click "Read More" for updated results and schedules.
Girls' Lacrosse vs St. Stephen's at FWCD: results: win 19-5; win 15-7 vs St. Andrew's; next vs Episcopal 1:00 p.m. Saturday for the SPC Championship!
Baseball vs St. Mark's: results: 4-16 loss; 22-9 win vs St. Mary's Hall; next vs Oakridge 12:30 p.m. Saturday at Oakridge
Softball vs FWCD: results: 3-4 loss; 6-8 loss vs Episcopal; win 10-2 vs Oakridge, 7th place finish.

Girls' Tennis vs Greenhill: results: loss 1-4; loss 1-4 vs Kinkaid; win 4-1 vs St. Mary's Hall, 7th place finish
Track and Field: Friday and Saturday at All Saints: results: Girls' 3rd place.
Boys' Tennis vs St. Mark's: results: loss 0-5; win vs Holland Hall, 1-4 loss vs ESD, 6th place finish