Cain Cuts Down the Nets

Sam Chambers
Cat Cain ('07), Head Student Manager for the Texas A&M Women's Basketball Team, was floating above the rim at Conseco Feild House in Indianapolis after the Aggies won the NCAA Championship.
Sparked by her role as the Varsity Football Manager for the Mavericks, Cain sat in the catbird seat alongside the Aggies in the NCAA Division 1 Women's Basketball Championship game.  One step at a time, Cain networked as a volunteer in the Sport Marketing Association to become connected to the role she has today as Head Student Manager for the Aggies.
"Although working on the high school level is not nearly as demanding as working at the college level, particularly Division I, I already knew what I was getting myself into,” said Cat.  “The most significant way that St. John’s helped me, however, was in how well it prepared me to balance my work load while at A&M.”
In her sophomore year she worked 40 + hours a week as the Assistant Student Manager for the basketball team at home games, while juggling her academic responsibilities with a job as a Resident Advisor.  When she was a junior she started to travel with the team on away games and helped with the administrative team.
As a senior she has put in over 60 hours a week during the regular season and since the tournament started, has found little sleep. “I can only think of one full day off that I’ve had since the couple of days I had for Christmas, where I did not go up to the gym once the entire day, and that’s because I spent it in Houston for a job interview,” said Cat.  “When you’re sitting in a hotel room in Indianapolis, about to play in a Final Four game in two days, it’s hard for it not to seem worth it.”
Once she graduates Cain’s ambition is to find a job that is will enable her to contribute to a cause bigger than herself.   For now it does not get much bigger than the State of Texas as Cat did her part to help the Texas A&M Aggies be on center stage and get to a place they have never been before.  National Champions!