Mavericks are...BOOM-Dynamite!

Sam Chambers
St. John's Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are ready to rock the stands at Skip Lee Field!

Are you ready for some football?!  Well, the St. John’s School Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheer Squads are – and they will be spreading school spirit as the Varsity and Junior Varsity Football Teams take to the gridiron this fall. With a stack of new cheers, dances, stunts and tumbling routines at the ready, the SJS cheerleaders are prepped to fire up the stands and help the St. John’s community get excited about football season.


“Our St. John’s cheerleaders are going to help everyone at school get energized about football season,” said St. John’s Cheer Head Coach Jamie Everett.  “I expect the cheerleaders to train like athletes and work just as hard as every other sport at SJS in preparation for all the upcoming events.  These athletes give me their best effort daily and that’s all I can ask for as a coach.  I am very proud of each one of them, and it makes me happy to see us succeed as a team.”

The 2010 -2011 St. John’s School Varsity Cheerleaders are:  Jenny Allen, Penny Bailey, Blair Bou-Chebl, Katie Burdine, Tope Emiola, Avery Hinrichs, Claire Kinkaid, Maddox Lamme, Christy Lee,  Ariel Malloy  (Captain), Jodi Rybarczyk, Sima Shalchi, Michelle Tyler, Alex Waits and Grace Whittle (Captain).  The 2010 – 2011 St. John’s School Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are: Paige Albert, Haishat Alli, Meg Bres, Caroline Cowan, Eleni Demeris  (Captain), Mary Ellison, Audrey Eyring, Monique Groen, Robby Rybarzyck and Maddy Schulz.


Everett adds that the St. John’s cheerleaders have worked very hard since May to get in tip-top shape for football season. Daily practices at school as well as Cheer Camp have prepared the girls for the work this fall.


The St. John’s School Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheer Squads both earned top marks this summer at National Cheerleaders Association Cheer Camp at Sam Houston State University in early June.  While there, the teams cheered, danced and flipped their way to garnering big awards from the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA). Both squads worked non-stop to represent SJS and get ready to cheer on the St. John’s Varsity and Junior Varsity football teams this fall.


Together, the 15-member Varsity squad and the 10-member Junior Varsity squads won the Herkie Team Award, the most prestigious award given by NCA. The Herkie TEAM Award, named after NCA founder, L.R. Herkimer, is awarded to squads who exemplify the qualities upon which the NCA was founded. These qualities are: leadership, values and teamwork. The National Cheerleaders Association selects award winners at each of the over 1,100 camps it administers around the country each summer. In addition to the honor of being given the Herkie TEAM Award, the St. John’s cheerleaders were given a year’s supply of Gatorade. Gatorade is a major sponsor of the National Cheerleaders Association. “I am very proud of the girls and how well they did at camp,” notes Coach Everett. “Our cheerleaders displayed teamwork and a unique bonding with themselves and the other squads at cheer camp. They competed well and made St. John’s proud!”


Besides the Herkie TEAM Award, the St. John’s Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleaders earned Superior Ribbons on their evaluations for their cheers and chants, stunting, jumping, and tumbling. A number of the individual St. John’s cheerleaders were also nominated for All-American, the most prestigious individual award given by NCA, in one of the following categories: jumps, stunts, tumbling, dance, motions and leadership.  These cheerleaders had to perform three advanced stamina jumps, a tumbling/spirited entrance, and the 2010 NCA Camp Cheer in front of a panel of NCA judges. 


The cheerleaders that were nominated for All-American Cheerleader were: Alex Waits, Maddox Lamme,   Sima Shalchi, Ariel Malloy, Penny Bailey, Tope Emiola, Audrey Eyring, Paige Albert, Eleni Demeris, Monique Groen, Grace Whittle and Robby Rybarczyk.  Congratulations to SJS Senior and Varsity Cheerleader Penny Bailey, who was awarded All-American Cheerleader and became a part of the All-American team.  Every single All-American Nominees and Team Members are invited to NCA Special Events in Orlando, FL for the NCA Christmas Extravaganza.  “One final award that the SJS Varsity Squad earned at Cheer Camp, was the Champion Chant trophy,” says Everett.  “The Varsity cheerleaders had to complete a flawless chant with no mistakes, and that is exactly what they did! The greatest cheerleaders in Texas are at St. John’s School and we are looking forward to a fantastic fall getting everyone in the stands up on their feet, cheering for Maverick football!”

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