Gruel on the Gridiron Tenderized with a Taste of Texas

Sam Chambers
Mavericks wound up pre-season practices with some home cooking of Bruce's best barbecue.  Warren's "early football" final feast has become a tradition in August and sets the table for all of the teams in the year ahead.  A new item was added to the menu over the 2-A-Day practice regimen.  The Spartans of St. Stephen's School from Austin joined the Mavericks for some friendly fire in the second week of the gruel on the gridiron.  "Both teams benefited from this experience," said Head Coach Steve Gleaves.  "This was a great lift for us to break up the routine with new competition, and I know that Coach Wolkind of St. Stephen's, who initiated the process, was very glad to have made the effort." 

The Mavericks open up at Concordia Lutheran this Friday.
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