Threshold Thursday: Boys Net HJPC Championships

Sam Chambers
8th Grade Boys' Soccer and Basketball: nothing but net on Thursday!
Boys' Basketball ran away from ROB in the second half for a 59-43 win and then stormed to the adjacent field to cheer on their soccer classmates clinging on to overtime and a chance to give Coach Murphy a championship in his 4th trip to the HJPC finals.
In a tale of two sports and scoring or lack thereof, basketball has the bigger ball and much smaller goal (254 square inches), but never ends in a tie, while some of the most important soccer matches end up scoreless and are decided by at least 5 twelve yard shots on a 24 by 8 foot cage (27,648 square inches). 

This soccer game was no different than the Western Conference MLS semi-final between the Houston Dynamo and the LA Galaxy.  The Mavs and Falcons went scoreless in regulation and again in overtime forcing penalty kicks, as both teams barely missed scoring chances throughout the game.

If only the soccer team could have been watching the basketball team next door in ROB's gyms.  When William Trieschman sunk his reverse layup at the start of the 4th quarter, soccer was still 0-0.  Later on Wayne Wanguri's 4th jumper, was all net, something both soccer teams could not find in 40 minutes of play.   Finally Justise Winslow  slammed a dunk that may have been heard across the parking lot, but the only sound similar to that on the pitch was the ball ricocheting off the cross bar during the dreaded penalty kicks.

Kinkaid made their first two pk's and had a 2-1 lead after Murphy Harmon's shot put St. John's on the board.  John Fallon hit nothing but net to make it 2-2, as Kinkaid set up for their third try.   Andrew Warden captured a save,  Max Melcher fired in the third goal for the Mavericks for the game winner, and the last two shots by the Falcons clanked off the cross bar, hitting the cage but never crossing the threshold to net.