Younger Crain in the Wake of Big Brother, for Now

Sam Chambers
While Philip Crain, SJS '08, is busy sailing for M.I.T. and training for the 2016 Olympics, younger brother Carson has launched his own sailing campaign by being named to the US Sailing Development Team. 
Philip Crain has been busy on the water since his first race at TCYC.  He primarily sailed Laser Radials (a single handed boat and the same boat Carson is sailing) through high school.  He competed in many national and international events including the World Championships in 2006 (Los Angeles), 2007 (Holland) and 2008 (New Zealand).  Philip won the 2007 Laser Mid winters West Championships and the 2008 US Sailing Youth Championships.  He is currently a member of the Varsity Sailing Team at MIT in Cambridge, MA and continues to work toward an Olympic Campaign for the 2016 Games.
Younger brother Carson, has jumped on board the new US Sailing development program designed to steer sailors to compete at the Olympic level.  Carson sailed in his first race at the age of 8 in Maine, but has been on the leeward side of Philip ever since
"It is tough to live up to Philip.  He has won a lot of big races, but I hope to beat him next month," said Carson.  In fact Carson got him in their last race and caused quite a family feud with his older brother.  With an upcoming duel and being in the new development program, Carson feels like he can surpass what Philip has done.
"I think this is a very big step for me right now.  If Philip had this opportunity he would be further along in his career," said the younger Crain.
In addition to competing against each other next month, they will team up for an Olympic 470 quest.  Little brother is actually bigger and therefore will take the crew role under skipper Philip and keep the family peace for now.

In the meantime, Carson has big plans of his own including attending an Olympic training session in Colorado Springs over spring break and sailing in Scotland for three weeks this summer.

The Crain campaign is also about developing the sport they love.  If you are interested in sailing for the St. John's club team, contact Carson and get your feet wet!

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