Sam Chambers
St. John's won the "War on the Floor" yesterday, but it took the last match to decide the outcome against Kinkaid.
Coach Paul had this to say about the battle.

"Wednesday night the Mavericks traveled to Kinkaid for the second annual 'War on the Floor.' The mavericks started the night off slow losing the first three matches at 80 pounds, 103 pounds, and 87 pounds. All three Mavericks that fell fought hard and would not surrender to pin, saving valuable team points. The first Maverick victory came at 112 pounds as freshman Ben Stein put the Mavs on the board 3-10. The Mavs then sent 7th grader John Armstrong to the mat at 95 pounds and he added three points to the score for St. Johns. After losing matches at 119, 100, and 125 the Mavericks were in a deep hole. With the Mavs trailing 6-27, 8th grader Mathew Urdahl took the mat at 106 pounds and scored three for St. Johns.  Next to take the mat was Senior Captain Krishnan Rajagopalan and he was determined to get the Mavericks back on track as he pinned his Falcon and closed the gap to 15-27. Following Rajagopalan was 8th grader Preston Neal and he followed suit with a pin of his own to get the team score close at 21-27.  After Rajagopalan and Neal closed the gap with their pins the Mavs were forced to forfeit at the 135 pound weight class and lost a tough one at the middle school 119 pound weight class. Once  again the Mavericks were behind big 21-39. Down 18 points Junior Captain  Will  McDugald took the mat and  pinned  his opponent followed by a pin from 7th grader Orion Hicks.  The Mavericks suffered another big loss at the Varsity 145 pound weight class. After leading the entire match, freshman Eric Hobby was rolled and pinned just seconds before securing his win. Middle Schooler Quincy Cotton took the mat next for the Mavericks and turned things around with a pin of his own. With the score now 39-45 and the Mavericks trailing the momentum seemed to shift as Junior Cameron Neal took the mat for the first time this season wrestling up a weight class and defeated Sam Eggleston handily 11-5. The Mavericks were slowly clawing their way back into the match as middle school phenom Micheal Oramis (who still is undefeated and unscored upon) put on a technical clinic pinning his Falcon with a double chicken wing and giving the Mavericks their first lead of the night 48-45. With the momentum change the Mavs start making their move winning at 160-Walter Moore, 171-Nathan Avery, and 180- Senior Captain Rush Moody. Also collecting points for the Mavs was 7th Grader Andrew Saucer at the middle school 145 pound weight class. After suffering another forfeit at the middle school 185 pound weight class and a tough loss at the 189 pound varsity spot the Mavericks were down again 66-69. Sophomore Zach Long took the mat and made short work of his Falcon opponent pinning him in just over one minute. With the Mavericks in the lead by three points it came down to the last two matches of the night with the heavy weights of the middle school and the big boys of the Varsity teams. After suffering a pin at the hands of the Falcon middle school heavy weight the Mavericks were down three points and needed a pin to win and to bring home "The War On The Floor" trophy. Match after match, and lead change after lead change, the outcome rested on the shoulders of the Mavericks' mighty heavy weight, sophomore Alexander Saucer, AKA " The Sauce." The Sauce took the mat against the Falcons senior Captain Yoshio Wilson the gym was full of energy everyone knew what rode on the outcome of this single match. The senior from Kinkaid took down the Mavericks heavy weight twice in the first period but Saucer would not be held down scoring two escapes. At the beginning of the second period with the score Yoshio 4 Saucer 3, Saucer chooses the down position and scores an early escape and then the gym erupted as the mighty Sauce squeezed the Falcon heavy weight to his back and pinned him to seal the victory for the Mavs. The Maverick bench cleared as they stormed the mat to celebrate with their victorious gladiator. Final score Mavericks 75-72, but the real winners were all who were there to witness this true example of rivalry and tradition done the right way NOT WITHOUT HONOR."