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SJS Welcomes Artist Amy C. Evans to Campus

SJS welcomed award-winning artist, writer, and documentarian Amy C. Evans as this year's Artist in Residence! Amy spent a week on campus conducting workshops with Lower, Middle, and Upper School art students. Student artwork including painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture were combined to create an immersive installation titled "Grocery Stories," on display in the Clare Attwell Glassell Gallery through March 7. Along with the exhibit, the SJS Community Service Club hosted a food drive for the Houston Food Bank.  
Residency Description:
"Using my work as the point of inspiration, students will select individual objects from my paintings and bring them to life in sculptural form. Imagine a Texan grapefruit can brought to life as a three-foot-tall cardboard sculpture, a giant Saltine cracker made from Kraft paper and stuffed with newsprint leaning against it, and a hand-painted sign above these two objects, announcing a new story, one written by students, bringing the concept of a work’s title to an in-your-face scale. Now imagine dozens of larger-than-life objects paired with multiple “story signs” assembled together in the gallery. I see the resulting installation as a conversation between the sculptures, asif they, themselves, are characters in a play of sorts. But the characters are inanimate, their stories written as advertisements."
To learn more about Amy C. Evans, visit her website: https://www.amycevans.com/

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