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Mock Election

In honor of the presidential election, students in Mr. Hardin's Upper School history class made educational videos and lesson plans for each division on how voting and the electoral college work. The US students catered their lessons to different class ranges with separate videos for Kindergarten-Class 2, Class 3-Class 5, and Class 6-Class 12. The videos explain the popular vote, the electoral college, and the winner-take-all system. Most importantly, the students explained the importance of casting a vote and emphasized that every vote counts. Then the students were given the chance to demonstrate what they learned through a mock election: Cookie vs. Ice Cream. The student body cast their votes, and each class got a number of electoral votes based on the number of students in the class. On Friday, Mr. Hardin announced the winner: 

The voters have spoken. With a resounding victory in both the popular and electoral vote, the winner is Ice Cream. The results are:
  • Popular Vote: 734 Ice Cream votes to 586 Cookies
  • Electoral Vote: 376 Ice Cream votes to 162 Cookies
Ice Cream won in each grade with the exception of Classes 9, 11, and 12. To celebrate a successful mock election and the closing of the polls, students were given a special treat from Food Services. Congratulations to Ice Cream and great effort to Cookies!

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