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iMav Radio Head Talk Podcast

Be sure to listen to the iMav Radio Head Talk podcast. Anthony Leakey and Stobie Whitmore join Headmaster Mark Desjardins to discuss a range of issues related to COVID-19 and its impact on St. John’s. This mostly serious, but sometimes light-hearted, conversation starts with a reflection on the Class of 2020 and covers a range of topics including the move to remote learning and anticipated changes for the fall of 2020 being back on campus. For additional information on the topics discussed, and links to the articles that informed this discussion, please click here.

Podcast Table of Contents:
1-8:00 mins: Reflections on what it means to be a senior at St. John’s.
8:00-17:30: Fall semester for 2020 and what school might look like with on-campus learning.
17:30-23:00: The move to remote learning after spring break.
23:00-34:50: The power of learning and teaching at St. John’s.
34:50-38:00: Discussion of the tuition freeze for 2020-2021.
38:00-43:00: How we plan to grade during remote learning.
43:00-46:00: How peer schools are coordinating our response to COVID-19.
46:00-End: What have been the “teachable moments” and lessons learned for the St. John’s community during COVID-19 and remote learning.

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