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Event Detail

US Science Exams

Students with Extended Time will meet in their exam rooms by 8:30 am. All other students report at 9:45 am.

AP Chemistry (Jafry/Allen) - Q105
Organic Chemistry (Jafry/Allen) - Q105
AP Environmental Science (Hegeman) - S104
Astronomy (Friedman) - S105
AP Physics (Friedman) - S105
Anatomy & Physiology - S205/S204
Chemistry I (Carr, Abdalrahman) - New Gym
Chemistry I Honors (Jafry, Raulston) - New Gym
Physics I Honors (Harris, Posa) -  Chao Room
Physics I (Bigge) - S102

For the following courses, students will receive schedule notifications with specific report times:
Biology I (Estes, Kar) - Flores
Biology I Honors (Mathur) - Flores
Physics I (DePuit, Turk, Infante) - Old Gym

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