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  • Dear St. John’s Families:

    This summer was far from perfect as we all continued to grapple with COVID stresses and setbacks, but it did include the joyful rediscovery of what used to be the quotidian, the everyday: grillside reunions with friends and family, grandparents’ hugs, flights and car trips replete with sandwiched siblings, and maskless restaurant outings.

    We will all need to muster more patience and flexibility yet as we begin the new school year, but this August’s opening should look and feel more similar to 2019 than to 2020.  And my hope is that it will be full of more joyful rediscovery—greater appreciation for St. John’s daily rites, rituals, and goings-on. I’m eager for kindergartners to explore our playground with abandon, for our Class 6 students to wake up in Mo-Ranch cabins, for our Class 9 students to relish the Upper School’s freedoms and responsibilities, and for our seniors to show up en masse for games and arts exhibitions and Class of 2022 celebrations. I’m eager to see parents in stands and teachers back in the faculty lounge.

    In early July, University of Pennsylvania psychologist Adam Grant penned this terrific New York Times piece and named what every school should aim to reestablish and celebrate this fall—“collective effervescence”:

    We find our greatest bliss in moments of collective effervescence. It’s a concept coined in the early 20th century by the pioneering sociologist Émile Durkheim to describe the sense of energy and harmony people feel when they come together in a group around a shared purpose. Collective effervescence is the synchrony you feel when you slide into rhythm with strangers on a dance floor, colleagues in a brainstorming session, cousins at a religious service or teammates on a soccer field. And during this pandemic, it’s been largely absent from our lives.

    We can find happiness in solitary pursuits, but we find joy in community. And St. John’s is community. This year will include challenges aplenty for kids and adults alike; it will include hard, hard work; it will demand resilience. But it will also include camaraderie and fun, newness and exploration. I wish us all joyful rediscovery. I wish us all collective effervescence.

    Please take some time to look through this Maverick Messenger webpage for back-to-school reminders and to read about new faculty and staff who will be joining us. Happy new year.

    Daniel J. Alig
    Head of School

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From the Parents' Guild:

Dear SJS Parents,

We are delighted to welcome you all back to campus for the 2021-2022 school year! It is an honor to serve as your All School Chairs for the Parents’ Guild this year. As a parent of a St. John’s student, each one of you is automatically a member of the Parents’ Guild.  The PG provides program-enhancing activities for the students, administrators, faculty, and staff and offers support and social opportunities for the current parents. This new school year brings us a fresh start as we warmly welcome our new Head of School, Dan Alig, and anticipate a more normal campus experience for our students and families. With the hopes of returning to a somewhat normal school year, we welcome and encourage every family to find opportunities to volunteer and participate in community activities. Together we can build and sustain a vibrant and inclusive SJS community!

We look forward to every opportunity to support the School and keep parents apprised of volunteer opportunities through emails and this webpage. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
Warm Regards,
Kim Martin and Edna Ngu

PG Executive Board

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