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The Opportunity of a Lifetime Campaign was highly successful and achieved the goal of $100 million. However, capital needs that include the purchase of the Taub Campus and improvements, the new Flores Hall and Campus Center, and other needs stated in the campaign were significantly more than the funds provided by the campaign. While the difference in the funds raised from the campaign and the total costs are funded from other sources such as additional enrollment and tuition, capital gifts remain very important and helpful to achieve the lofty objectives taken on by St. John’s School for the benefit of current students and those to follow.

If you are interested in making a capital gift or pledge, click here to find a list of currently available Named Gift Opportunities. For further information, contact Chief Advancement Officer Mark Dini at or 713-850-4120.

Restricted Gifts

Each year, St. John’s School undertakes an evaluation of needs that are not able to be funded through the normal budget process. The process involves teachers, coachers, fine arts professionals, administrators, and others. The result is a list of identified and approved needs for funding that have been vetted from the bottom up. The School is able to accept gifts for these needs without further approval. It is important to note that the minimum gift amount is $5,000 as amounts below that are to be funded by the normal operating budget. Also important to note is that these are single donor restricted gift opportunities. This prohibits a series of mini-campaigns for a variety of specific purposes and helps preserves the broad base important of the St. John’s Fund.

Click here to view the list of approved restricted gifts.

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