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St. John's Alumni
Reunion Weekend '24

Alumni Award Recipients

2024 Recipients

List of 1 items.

Previous Recipients

List of 37 items.

  • 2023

    H. Grant Taylor, Jr. '63, Distinguished Alumnus
    Stobie Whitmore '68, Lamp of Knowledge
    Ransom Lummis, Honorary Alumnus
    Emma Erwin '11, Honorary Alumna
  • 2022

    K. C. Weiner '72, Distinguished Alumnus
    Richie Mercado '79, Lamp of Knowledge
    Donna Palmer, Honorary Alumna 
    Susan Spitzberg, Honorary Alumna 
  • 2020

    Dr. Katherine Y. King '92, Distinguished Alumna 
    Wendall Zartman, Lamp of Knowledge
    Angie Kensinger, Honorary Alumna 
    Justise Winslow '14, Maverick Award  
  • 2019

    Jay Jones ’69, Distinguished Alumnus 
    Daniel Friedman, Lamp of Knowledge 
    Anne Chao, Honorary Alumnus 
    Peter Fluor ’07, Maverick Award
  • 2018

    Joseph Slotnick ’51, Distinguished Alumnus 
    Doug Sharp, Lamp of Knowledge 
    Michael Cullinan, Honorary Alumnus
    Marcia Polk Fuller Biggs ’94, Maverick Award
  • 2017

    Ann Barnett Stern ’75, Distinguished Alumnus
    Eleanor Cannon, Lamp of Knowledge
    Rebecca Rabinow ’84, Maverick Award 
    Alison Weaver ’89, Maverick Award
    Kathy Heinzerling, Honorary Alumnus 
  • 2016

    Judge William Bryson ’63, Distinguished Alumnus
    Gara Johnson-West, Current Faculty, Lamp of Knowledge
    Warner Banes, Faculty Emeritus, Honorary Alumnus
    Stuart Kensinger ’81, Maverick Award
  • 2015

    Dr. Emilie Atwell Becker '78, Distinguished Alumnus
    Dr. Ruth Bellows, Current Faculty, Lamp of Knowledge
    Geneva Gard, former faculty, Honorary Alumnus
    Paul Davey '82, Maverick Award
  • 2014

    Gordon Dees '69, Distinguished Alumnus
    Barbara DiPaolo, current faculty, Lamp of Knowledge
    Julie Russ, Faculty Emeritus, Honorary Alumnus
    Zachary Heinzerling '02, Maverick Award
  • 2013

    Bob Graham '64, Distinguished Alumnus
    Dwight Raulston '71, current faculty, Lamp of Knowledge
    Jerry Harper, Faculty Emeritus, Honorary Alumnus
  • 2012

    Pat Prior Sorrells '69, Distinguished Alumnus
    Marty Thompson '91, Lamp of Knowledge
    Alice Kagi, Honorary Alumnus
    James J. Murphy IV '83, Craig Chambers '81, Charles Davidson '81, Maverick Award
  • 2011

    Dr. David Hirsh '59, Distinguished Alumnus
    Martha Strawn, Faculty Emerita, Honorary Alumnus
  • 2010

    The Right Reverend Robert Moody '59, Distinguished Alumnus
    Edison Medina, Honorary Alumnus
    Dr. Christie Ballantyne '73, Maverick Award
  • 2009

    William Mares '58, Distinguished Alumnus
    Assistant Headmaster Mark Reed, Honorary Alumnus
    Ellen Peeples Cregan '81, Maverick Award
  • 2008

    James A. Elkins, III '70, Distinguished Alumnus
    Lee Knauerhaze, Honorary Alumnus (awarded posthumously)
    Katherine Pannill Center '90, Maverick Award
  • 2007

    L. Henry Gissel '54, Distinguished Alumnus
    J.L. Mayhew, Honorary Alumnus
    Patsy Cravens '54, Maverick Award
  • 2006

    Peter H. Brown '54, Distinguished Alumnus
    Edward W. Kelley, Jr., Honorary Alumna
    Elizabeth Dodge Schwab '90, Maverick Award (awarded posthumously)
  • 2005

    William S. Farish '57, Distinguished Alumnus
    Suzy J. Mercado, Honorary Alumna
    Stuart Dow '84, Maverick Award
  • 2004

    Dr. Michael Berkeley '71, Distinguished Alumnus
    Mr. Douglas E. Osburn, Honorary Alumnus
    Ms. Catherine Lippincott '81, Rebel Award
  • 2003

    Mr. Peter Roussel ’60, Distinguished Alumnus
    Mr. Chuck Garwood, Honorary Alumnus
  • 2002

    Mr. John W. Johnson ’63, Distinguished Alumnus
    Ms. Helen T. Vietor, Honorary Alumna
  • 2001

    Mr. Alfred P. Hildebrand ‘59, Distinguished Alumnus
    Mr. Henry J.N. Taub, Honorary Alumnus
    Mr. Robert L. Fleming, Jr. ‘86, Rebel Award
  • 2000

    Mr. Williams W. Heinzerling ‘64, Distinguished Alumnus
    Ms. Susan Pitzer Stasney, Honorary Alumna
    Mr. John N. Axelrod ‘84, Rebel Award
  • 1999

    Captain William F. Miller, M.D. ’69, Distinguished Alumnus
    Mr. E. Philip Cannon, Honorary Alumnus
  • 1998

    Mr. Bruce M. Harrington ‘51, Distinguished Alumnus
    Mr. Skip Lee, Honorary Alumnus
    Ms. Christy A. Haubegger ‘86, Rebel Award
  • 1997

    Mr. Mike S. Stude ‘57 & Dr. Wylie Vale, Jr. ‘59, Distinguished Alumnus
    Mr. Philip W. Richards & Ms. Marie Phelps McAshan, Honorary Alumnus
    Mr. Wesley W. Anderson ‘87, Rebel Award
  • 1996

    Dr. Kathryn Bloom Hiesinger ‘61, Distinguished Alumna
    Dr. George D. Broyles, Jr., Honorary Alumnus
  • 1995

    Mr. Carl W. Vogt ‘54, Distinguished Alumnus
    Mrs. Alan Lake Chidsey, Honorary Alumna
    Ms. Molly Ivins ‘62, Rebel Award
  • 1993

    Dr. William L. Risser ‘60
  • 1992

    Mrs. Carey Chenoweth Shuart ‘62
    Mr. Willard Warren Shuart ‘59
  • 1991

    Ms. Lois Farfel Stark ‘61
  • 1990

    Mr. Robert P. Moore
  • 1989

    Mr. James Greenwood III ‘54
  • 1988

    Ms. Louisa Stude Sarofim ‘54
  • 1987

    Dr. Herbert H. Schaumburg ‘52
  • 1986

    Mr. E.K. Salls
  • 1985

    Dr. Jesse H. Dickson ‘51

Distinguished Alumnus/a

The Distinguished Alumnus/a Award is given to an alumnus/a in recognition of outstanding achievements or contributions to St. John’s, the community, the state, or the nation.

Lamp of Knowledge

The Lamp of Knowledge (adopted in 2012) is awarded to a current St. John’s faculty member who inspired recent graduates to live according to the St. John’s Mission. A Lamp of Knowledge teacher guides students in their pursuit of individual, spiritual, ethical, intellectual, social, and physical excellence helping prepare students for a lifetime of personal fulfillment and contribution to society. St. John’s graduates from the past decade may nominate any current faculty member for the award. A committee of the St. John’s Alumni Board will choose the recipient from the list of nominees, subject to the Head of School’s approval.

Honorary Alumnus/a

The Honorary Alumnus/a Award is given to a non-alumnus/a in recognition of and appreciation for that person’s endeavors. Nominees for the Honorary Alumnus/a Award may include parents, grandparents, children of St. John’s alumni, former faculty members, former Heads of School, or former Trustees. They may also include a non-alum who has had a direct impact on St. John’s School.

Maverick Award

The Maverick Award is given from time to time to a St. John’s School alumnus/alumna, regardless of age or experience, in recognition of a personal, professional, or artistic accomplishment and/or accomplishments which reflect(s) the creative and independent spirit that St. John’s School seeks to instill in its students.

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