The purpose of college counseling at St. John’s is to provide a personalized, student-centered approach which informs and supports the entire family. Our office operates a four-year program to educate parents and students extensively about preparing for college, completing college applications, and selecting a college.
A brief overview of our program goals:
Freshman Year  
To introduce freshmen and their parents to
 Our four-year college counseling program
  • Major phases and features of competitive college admissions
  • Standardized testing, especially the SAT Subject Test
  • The college counseling website, the SJS College Counseling Handbook, and Naviance
Sophomore Year 
To help sophomores and their parents to
  • Initiate a bond with their college counselor
  • Make informed choices in their selection of courses and standardized tests
  • Explore opportunities for achievement outside the classroom
  • Get answers to their questions about college-related issues
Junior Year
To develop juniors and their parents to
  • Plan to integrate evolving college aspirations with senior course selection, standardized testing, and campus visits
  • Create preliminary application lists which respect the student’s aspirations
  • Build skills for writing application essays
  • Feel a sense of ownership about the college application process
Senior Year
To assist seniors and their parents to
  • Develop a final college list which reflects ambition as well as prudence
  • Select teachers to write letters of recommendation
  • Present themselves to colleges and universities via the application process
  • Stay abreast of significant developments in college admissions
The St. John’s College Handbook further expands on all of the goals and provides a timeline for events.