Clubs & Organizations

Below is a list of the different clubs and activities available to St. John's students. Students interested in starting a new club should speak to the Dean of Students to find a faculty sponsor.
*Academic Challenge    Competes in local, regional, and national trivia competitions.  Coach: Ted Curry, ext. 412
*Anime Club    Views and discusses Japanese animation and shares it with the larger community.  Sponsor: Jeff Ritter, ext. 420
*Art Club    Sponsors art activities in the Upper School and coordinates field trips.  Sponsor: Dan Havel, ext. 438
*Astronomy Club    Explores interests in all things space and coordinates observatory visits and stargazing field trips.  Sponsor: Luke Probst, ext. 494
*Bible Study    Explores a variety of issues related to all faiths through the lens of the Christian Bible. Sponsor: Roxie Allen, ext. 202
*Book Club    Reads and discusses non-curricular books monthly.  Sponsor: Peg Patrick, ext. 232
Chapel Guild    Plans weekly Chapel program.  Sponsor: Greg Han, ext. 376
Cheerleading    Cheers for fall sports and coordinates Kinkaid Week festivities.  Coach: Jamie Everett, 713.224.7698
*Chinese Club    Promotes the community’s appreciation of Chinese language and culture.  Sponsor: Jing Nan Gea, ext. 500
*Community Service    Coordinates individual, class, and group projects, such as home repair, Special Olympics, after-school tutoring, etc.  Sponsor: Marci Bahr, ext. 430
Drum Corps    Performs at pep rallies and football games.  Sponsor: Luke Probst, ext. 494
*Environmental Coalition of Students (ECOS)    Educates the community about environmental issues and coordinates recycling efforts.  Sponsor: Priscilla Elliott, ext. 325
*FACETS    Celebrates SJS diversity and multiculturalism and helps promote awareness of similarities and sensitivity to differences among people.  Sponsor: Pat Reynolds, ext. 413
*Faraday Society    Shares interests in chemistry and physics with the community.  Sponsor: Doug Carr, ext. 333
Fine-Arts Council    Promotes and encourages the arts at SJS, sponsoring trips to plays, museums, operas, art exhibitions, etc.  Sponsor: Darrell Parrish, ext. 607
*French Club    Promotes the community’s appreciation of French language and culture.  Sponsor: Shelley Stein, ext. 541
*Imagination    Produces multiple issues of the St. John’s literary magazine each year.  Sponsor: Carol Munn, ext. 203
*International Club    Welcomes international students and raises the School's international consciousness.  Sponsor: Jessica Lopesuarez, ext. 362
International Thespian Society (ITS)    Produces advanced theatre shows.  Sponsor: Anthony Leakey, ext. 605
*Investment Club    Learns about investing from sponsors and guest speakers and participates in a national stock-market game annually.  Sponsor: Dan Friedman, ext. 334
*Italian Club    Promotes the community’s appreciation of Italian language and culture.  Sponsor: Ashley Watson, ext. 352
*Johnnycake    Serves as the School’s main theatre club and produces its major theatre shows.  Sponsor: Bill McDonald, ext. 600
*Junior Classical League    Shares interests in classics and competes in regional Latin competitions.  Sponsor: Colin Elk, ext. 354
*Junior States of America    Shares interests in politics and participates in mock senates and elections.  Sponsor: Matei Costinescu, ext. 351
Maverick Guard    Enlivens campus spirit and cheers at fall sports competitions.  (Seniors only.)  Sponsor: Rich Doina, ext. 307
*MavTV    Promotes critical appreciation of film and produces an Upper School variety show three times per year.  Sponsor: David Nathan, ext. 373
*Micro-Finance Club    Researches community-building investment opportunities around the world and manages a pool of micro-finance loans.  Sponsor: Dan Friedman, ext. 334
*Model United Nations    Attends local and regional conferences and gives students experience in parliamentary skills, research, and presentations to peers.  Sponsor: Wendall Zartman, ext. 357
Peer Leaders    Provides welcoming activities for new US students and aids in their transition throughout the academic year.  Sponsor: Pat Reynolds, ext. 413
*Photography Club    Promotes photographic arts at St. John’s, organizing field trips, on-campus speakers, and group critiques of students’ work.  Sponsor: Chuy Benitez, ext. 439
*PRISM    Promotes respect and tolerance of all people, regardless of their sexual orientations, and raises awareness of words’ and actions’ effects on others.  Sponsor: Kef Wilson, ext. 417
Quadrangle    Produces the School’s official yearbook annually—photos, copy, layout, and ads.  Sponsor: Kem Kemp, ext. 429
The Review    Each year produces multiple issues of the official St. John’s student newspaper—layouts, articles, copy, photos, columns, advertisements, cartoons, graphics, and illustrations.  Sponsor: David Nathan: ext. 373
*Science and Math Club    Shares interests in these disciplines and coordinates related speakers and activities.  Sponsor: Alice Kagi, ext. 326
*Spanish Club    Promotes the community’s appreciation of Spanish language and culture.  Sponsor: Sherifa Kehs, ext. 406
*Spirit Club    Promotes school spirit through pep rallies and support for sports activities.  Sponsor: Ted Curry, ext. 412
Student Affairs Council (SAC)    Serves as St. John’s student government, voicing students’ concerns, liaising between faculty and students, coordinating service and social activities, upholding the Honor Code, and adjudicating Honor-Code trials.  Sponsor: Barbara DiPaolo, ext. 419
Tour Guild    Works with the Admissions Office to direct prospective parents and students on campus tours.  Sponsor: Marion Riddell, ext 316
*Women Helping Empower Each Other (WHEE)    Celebrates womanhood, educates students about issues that universally affect women, and encourages female students to form lasting and empowering relationships.  Sponsor: Gara Johnson-West, ext. 425
NOTE:  *Starred items may be joined at any time during the school year.

Students interested in starting a new club should speak to the Dean of Students to find a faculty sponsor.

Club Name
Faculty Sponsor
African American Affinity Group (AAAG)
Kim Olan, Harold Baber
Jeff Ritter
Art Club
Dan Havel
Astronomy Club
Daniel Friedman
Avitar Club
Kim Dickson
Basketball Skills Club
John Ciarleglio
Jeff Ritter
Beach Volleyball Club
John Ciarleglio
Bible Study
Roxie Allen, Jeff Ritter, Kim Olan, Austin Garvin
Bike Club
Chuy Benitez
Breakthrough Houston
Sneha Rao, Morris Nwogwugwu
Calligraphy Club
Dan Havel
Cheese Club
Kristiane Stapleton
Chess Club
Wendall Zartman
Chinese Club
Jing Nan Gea
Coding Club
Paula Angus
Community Service
Marci Bahr
Conspiracy Theory Club: That's what they want you to think
Jack Soliman
Coffee Club
Kimm Shafer
Country Music Club
Melvin Baker III
CSSC (Cave Science and Spelunking Club)
Carol Teeter
Clay Guinn, Andy Stubbs, Alice Fogler
Dinosaur Club
Danny Kerns
Dr. Who Club
Susan Bigge
Drum Corps
Doug Elliott
East Asian Affinity Group (EAAG)
Jack Soliman
Patty Carr
Elizabeth Spike
Fantasy Sports Club
Sean Griffin
Faraday Society
Roxie Allen, Ryan DePuit
Film Studies Club
Mary Mitchell
Foreign Film Club
Gara Johnson-West
Fossick Club
Clay Guinn
Freethinkers Club
Graham Hegeman
French Club
Shelley Stein
Geocaching Club
Graham Hegeman
Geography Club
Amy Malin, Wendall Zartman
Harry Potter Club
Paula Angus
Heartstone Club
Suzanne Webb, Hans Infante
Horror Club
Garvin Gaston
Human Rights Club
Angela Prendes
ImaginationLiterary Magazine
Kem Kemp, Max Boyd
Interantional Club
Aline Means
Investments Club
Danny Kerns
Jewish Affinity Group
Rachel Weissenstein
Bill McDonald
Junior State of America (JSA)
Jack Soliman
Knitting Club
Rachel Weissenstein
Latin & Greek Club
Kim Dickson
Library Advisory Club
Suzanne Webb
Magic the Gathering Club
Graham Hegeman
Graham Hegeman
Dwight Raulston
Maverick Microfinance
Nolan Harris
Model UN
Wendall Zartman
Multi Racial Affinity Group (MRAG)
Kim Olan, Jack Soliman
Paul Rudd Club "The Ruddies"
Clay Guinn
Philosophy/Ethics Club
Dwight Raulston
Philosophy Literature Roundtable
Kim Dickson
Pokemon Club
Paula Angus
Polling Club
Austin Garvin
Pre-Med Club
Paula Angus
Hollis Amley, Clay Guinn, Kristiane Stapleton
Suzanne Webb, Susan Barthleme
Quiz Bowl
David Nathan, Alison LaBorde, Carol Teeter, Graham Hegeman
The Review
David Nathan, Shelley Stein, Chuy Benitez
Robotics Club
Nolan Harris, Franco Posa
Nolan Harris, Marci Bahr
Chuy Benitez
Science and Math Club (SAMC)
Paula Angus
Science Olympiad
Roxie Allen, Ryan DePuit
Servants Hearts Guild
Gara Johnson-West
SHAC (Super Hero Appreciation Club)
Bailey Duncan
SJS App Club
Jeff Ritter
Slam Poetry Club
Max Boyd
SNAC (Special Needs Activity Club)
Patty Carr
Southwest Asia and North Africa Club (formally Middle Eastern Club)
Wendall Zartman, Sherifa Meguid Kehs
South Asian Affinity Group (SAAG)
Sarwat Jafry
Spanish Club
Andrew Stewart
Spanish Singers Club
Sherifa Meguid Kehs
Spirit Club
Bailey Duncan
Sports Talk Radio Club
Step Club
Danielle Iseli
St. John's Political Education Club (SPEC)
Wendall Zartmen, Eleanor Cannon
Student Book Club
Peg Patrick
Students Thinking About Careers (STAC)
Kristiane Stapleton
Tea Connoisseur's Club
Kem Kemp
Team 10 Club
Aline Means
Tour Guild
Isabel Ballard
Ultimate Frisbee
Austin Garvin
Unity Council
Hollis Amley, Sarwat Jafry, Gene Batiste
Vegetarian Club
Brian Beard
Weightlifting Club
Virgil Campbell
Wellness Club
Tesa Stark
Eleanor Cannon
Young Conservative Club
Jeff Ritter
Young Liberals Organization
Doug Elliott

House System

Although St. John’s possesses a robust sense of community, the primary goal of the House System is to foster a greater sense of community within a “K-12” context. Designed to  complement the many cooperative endeavors already established between the Lower,  Middle, and Upper School, the House System will afford all students and faculty additional opportunities to interact, socialize, and collaborate with each other. While at the divisional level the House System will provide students more occasions to become involved in campus life across divisions, the House System will help facilitate and organize special “K-12”  occasions during the school year.