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  • Spring Semester of Wellness

    This semester, to enhance the education of the whole person, we highlight the multiple components of Wellness at St. John’s. A number of programs, speakers, and events are planned each month to focus on a variety of aspects of the St. John’s curriculum. These themes will be emphasized throughout various departments and divisions.
    • In January, we emphasize social and emotional wellness, beginning with several events focused on making healthy choices, particularly in the areas of drug and alcohol use.
    • February will highlight academic and intellectual wellness, with a discussion on digital citizenship and responsible use of technology. Other topics include mindfulness and stress management.
    • March focuses on topics of athletic and physical wellness including athletic training, common sports-related injuries, and concussions.
    • April is spiritual wellness and diversity month with highlights including weekly reflections and chapel talks lead by students as well as SEL (social emotional learning) discussions on living with passion and purpose.
    An emphasis on parent education is an important aspect of our program. Monthly coffees and evening parent meetings have been planned, and parents are encouraged to support their children by participating in these educational opportunities. Please look for upcoming announcements regarding individual events.
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  • Kindness Project

    This week our US advisories filtered into the LS lunch period to mentor and spread some kindness. The comments and pictures suggested that both groups felt love and kindness all around.

    "It was really great to get to read to the first grade students because it allowed me to reflect on how far I've come since Lower School" - Luke '21

    "I think it's great to work with kids especially since I was one of them. It really puts things into perspective and they absolutely love learning" - Sarah '18

    "Getting to work with the Kindergarten students was a really fun way to give back to the community. Even though I wasn't here in LS, it was really nice to meet the LS students and see a different part of the school" - Sophia Kontos '19

    "They reminded me of my sister from three years ago... It was a surprisingly relaxing way to spend some time, though" - Jeffrey Li '21
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SJS Wellness Team

The Wellness Team is comprised of members from clinical services, counseling, athletic training, spiritual life, athletic conditioning, fine arts, and academics, under the leadership and direction of Headmaster Mark Desjardins.

Mission Statement

The St. John's Wellness Team brings together the areas of clinical services, social and emotional health, and athletic training to support the development of individual, spiritual, ethical, intellectual, social, and physical growth. As stated in the St. John's School Mission Statement: "The School seeks the development of the whole person in preparation for a lifetime of personal fulfillment and contribution to society." The Wellness Team supports this Mission by providing services, education, guidance, and counseling with collaboration and coordination across all disciplines of school life.

Social Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is fundamental to our commitment to support the SJS mission to nurture the whole child. SEL is ingrained into our school culture and daily decisions; and all teachers are trained and empowered to respond to student’s needs using common language, providing cohesive integration of SEL skills throughout each day.

Our SEL curriculum is based on an integrated framework developed by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL), promoting intrapersonal, interpersonal, and cognitive competence. Click here to read more about CASEL.

SEL in Each Division