Parent Education

Aware that effective education requires active collaboration between parents and educators, St. John's School seeks to offer parents the information they want and need to support their children's healthy intellectual, ethical, social, physical and spiritual development.

Parent Peer Group Meetings
At each grade level, parent peer groups meet once in the fall and spring. The purpose of the meetings is to offer parents a forum to discuss issues relating to their children's healthy development. Parents need to hear what other parents think and feel, with the goal being to exchange ideas, not to provide answers or reach a consensus.

Parent Book Discussions
St. John’s welcomes parents to participate in its reading and book discussion program focused on parenting and school environment issues of interest to parents. Directed by St. John’s School faculty, and scheduled throughout the year, these discussions provide all parents with an opportunity to discuss meaningful issues with their peers and with members of the School’s educational leadership.

Parents' Councils and Brown Bag Forums
To promote meaningful dialogue between parents and the School's leadership, St. John's has created Parents' Councils and "Brown Bag" forums in each division. Both are intended to function as support vehicles for the division heads, where they can seek parents' input, receive parents' feedback, and address parents' concerns about programs, policies and procedures. A listing of the councils' members can be found in the opening pages of the School's directory.