Experiential Education

The primary responsibility of the experiential education program at St. John’s is to offer outdoor and experiential education in support of and within the context of the school-wide curriculum. We strive to provide authentic and challenging experiences that help students develop an understanding of self, others, and environment, and to support St. John’s mission to offer a genuine challenge for development of a sense of self-worth and of personal responsibility. Director of Experiential Education, Marty Thompson (’91), helps coordinate and manage risk on existing 5th-9th class trips while working to expand the range of off-campus opportunities available to students and families throughout their time at St. John’s.

Class Trips: 
Class 5: T Bar M Ranch (New Braunfels, TX) – Apr. 24-26, 2019
Class 6: Mo Ranch (Hunt, TX) – Sept. 4-7, 2018
Class 7: Great Western Adventure (Utah) – Nov. 5-9, 2018
Class 8: Big Bend National Park – Feb. 23-Mar. 1, 2019
Class 9: Class 9 Orientation (Lonehollow) – Aug. 16-19, 2018