Lower School Community Service

Each year, the St. John’s Lower School community participates in a number of community service projects including the Annual Used Book Drive. In September, Lower School students are asked to select books from their own bookshelves to donate to other elementary school classrooms and libraries. Many of our students willingly part with their favorite literature knowing that there are students far less fortunate. This effort on the part of our youngest students is a meaningful way for the St. John’s community to promote literacy and learning in other Houston area schools.

During the one week drive in the 2011-2012 year, St. John’s students donated 3400 books to two local KIPP Schools, KIPP Dream and KIPP Peace, as well as families affected by the fires in Bastrop, TX. Their libraries and classrooms were well-stocked thanks to our students and there were enough books for students to take home as well. The Lower School Student Council members delivered the books to these schools and spent time reading with the other students.

According to Christine Curran, Head of Lower School, "Our Lower School program is dedicated to developing a sense of community and civic responsibility. We believe that our young students can learn how to harness their ideas, enthusiasm and resourcefulness to recognize their vital role in improving the quality of life in the community. We hope that thoughtfully weaving service projects into their early childhood experiences will lead to a lifelong ethic of service and civic participation."