SPC CHAMPS-Field Hockey

Sam Chambers
Congratulations to Varsity Field Hockey for winning the 2015 SPC Championship.  The Mavericks defeated Kinkaid 1-0 in the same fashion they used to finish their semi-final victory over Casady.

The competition continued after the St. John’s Girls’ and Boys’ Cross Country teams posted back to back wins at the 2015 SPC Championships held at St. Andrew’s School of Austin. Maverick Field Hockey, fresh off a “walk off” goal against Casady the day before, found a way to replicate the impossible once again, and take home the 2015 SPC Field Hockey Championship.
Facing the only team to have defeated them this season in Kinkaid, the Mavericks dominated the championship game from the start.  Like in their semi-final game against Casady, no team could put points on the board in the first half and when time expired in regulation. In field hockey, when a team is awarded a penalty corner prior to the end of the period, the clock can expire, but the penalty corner is still played out until there is a score or when the ball travels outside the circle.  Against Casady less than 24 hours prior, the Mavericks ended their game with a penalty corner which was converted for a goal from a pass from Lindsey McKone ’16 to Kate Copeland ’17. The Mavericks ran off the field in victory after the score.  If they had not converted the Mavericks would have had to play two players down during the overtime periods.
In the championship final with the game scoreless and the clock running down to the last seconds, the only difference in the situation was that St. John’s had all players available in case the game went to extra periods.  Like in the semi-final win, the game never went to overtime.  

“Having it done yesterday, they knew they could do it again,” said Head Coach Craig Chambers ’81.  

Not only was the goal scored, but the same two players were part of the process.  The goal was scored by Kate Copeland (Chronicle Girls' High School Athlete of the Week ) and assisted by McKone.  This time the Mavericks bolted to the center of the field in celebration. 
“This was unreal," said McKone. "Now we believe in deja vu.” 
“This was crazy to have this happen two days in a row, winning on a corner as time expired,” said Jennifer Trieschman ’16.
“This team is so strong,” said Copeland.  We have so much depth and we practiced so hard for this.”
“In the beginning of the season our goal was to win SPC,” said Kelsey Bing ’16.  “We did it with grit, heart, and as one unit.”

The Mavericks also got it done on a day of rehearsal of converting a penalty corner into a championship.
Sam Chambers- Athletic News 

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