Championship Run Continues for Carroll

Sam Chambers
Jessica Carroll '11 factored in 4 of the last 9 Maverick Girls' Varsity Lacrosse championship appearances, all which led to victories, and is part of another dynasty with the Wildcats of Northwestern.  Carroll, a freshman midfielder for Northwestern, and her Wildcats defeated Syracuse 8-6 in the NCAA Division 1 championship.  NU shares the record for 8th consecutive appearances in the title game.  
Carroll played in 10 games this season, but her last two appearance were the most telling.   Jess earned her first starting role in the semi-final against Maryland and took it from there in the championship. 

"Closer to the end of the year I decided to not let intimidation or lack of confidence get in the way of playing a sport I love so I just went out and played my hardest and my coach rewarded me with the start in the final two games," said Jess.

Defense wins championships and Carroll's presence on d side of the field stymied Syracuse's shooting opportunities all night.

For Carroll, some things don't change including her jersey (21), her winning ways, and being part of something bigger than herself.

Congratulations to NCAA Champion, Jessica Carroll!