Sam Chambers
FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Danny Ball and David Sklar, SJS '07, will be playing a big Ivy League counter in Boston while the Mavs take on the Lions in a pivotal SPC showdown in Houston.

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Harvard has the edge in number of years for their football program by 4 over Brown University but that does not really matter to the Bears, now in their 132nd season. The two football teams kick off on a rare Friday night football game, September 25th. What is important now is that while Brown and Harvard shared the 2008 Ivy League Football title, they want to set themselves apart in this next game.


The outcome of the game will reverberate back to Houston where two players from the SJ class of ’07, who completed each other in high school, are now competing in college. David Sklar (Harvard # 55) and Danny Ball (Brown #34), “are two guys I would like to have back,” said Steve Gleaves, Maverick Head Football coach.


According to Danny, “this is going to be one of the biggest games of the year, because like last year it will determine the front runner if not the Ivy League Champion, and there is a boast factor with David Sklar.”


Sklar and Ball have traded victories in the past two seasons. Harvard won their first varsity encounter and Brown won it last year to share the title.


Stobie Whitmore, David’s high school line coach described Sklar “as the best combination of ability and intensity. David was the punter, the guard, and d-tackle, while Danny was a game changing performer.” The Mavericks have a big game of their own Friday against St. Mark’s in Houston. Three years ago Ball played a huge factor in their last win over the Lions. “Danny was moved to defensive end that week and along with Sklar, wreaked havoc on the St. Mark’s offense,” said Coach Whitmore.


David is enjoying the moment at Harvard, especially with a Friday night game on hand. “This game in Boston is going to remind me of being on Skip Lee Field. Brown is just 45 minutes away and the student body from both schools will be pouring into the stadium.”


Lions, Bears, Crimson, Scarlet, oh my, what a night for some football!


Ball or Sklar in Boston: