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Private Instrument Lessons

St. John's School encourages our K-12 students to take private instrument lessons and offers on-site guitar (Grades 4-12), violin (Grades K-12), cello (Grades K-12)*, and flute (Grades 5-12). Fees will be paid by the semester to the school. These lessons are taught during or after school and are based upon the availability of the teacher and the student's schedule.

30min = $51
45min = $76
60min = $100

Requests will be processed in the following order: 1) returning students 2) students on the previous year's waiting list and 3) new requests by postmark. The teachers will contact parents during the first week of school to schedule lessons. Please give a phone number or email address where you can be reached during the summer months.

Please click on the link to submit a form to indicate your child's interest. New and returning students must submit a form. Please submit a separate form per request per child. The teachers will be contacting all parents in mid-August in response to requests.

*K-1 students taking cello lessons must be accompanied by parents.

Please click on the link to submit a form to indicate your child's interest.

Link to Enrollment Form

If you have questions regarding the Private Instrument, please contact Anthony Leakey at
Piano Lessons

The St. John’s School Fine Arts Department offers students the opportunity to enroll in  piano lessons on campus. The piano program is a thirteen year preparatory curriculum taught by our outstanding piano faculty, who are trained in Piano Performance and Pedagogy and are experts in their field. We aim to develop overall musicianship in each student through a reading based curriculum. Individualized lesson plans are rooted in developing each student’s skills, appreciation for all styles of music, and confidence in performance. Private lessons are complemented by small group sessions which provide opportunities for collaborative learning.

Teaching Philosophy
  • To foster complete musical growth through performance, technique, and theory
  • To set a basis for creative, and motivated practice
  • To encourage students to reach their highest potential through performance opportunities
  • To facilitate discovery based learning that grows independent students

Students who are enrolled in the St.John’s School private piano program will receive:
  • traditional private lessons
  • collaborative and small group sessions to explore comprehensive musicianship skills such as ear training, harmonization and improvisation
  • master class instruction
  • recitals and recital rehearsals
  • participation in FORUM Music Teacher’s Association events throughout the year including the TMTA Theory Test and other competitive/non-competitive events

After School Group Piano for Grades K - 1

St. John's School offers group piano instruction for Kindergarten and First Grade. Explore, Discover, and Create! Group piano class is a discovery-based experience that fosters independent learning at the piano in a group setting. Students will explore the fundamentals of piano and music in a fun and creative way. Classes are comprised of movement activities, group discovery, small group centers, semi-private lessons, and performance practices that are age appropriate for students in Kindergarten and 1st Grade.  

Group classes are 45-minutes in length and will meet every week throughout the piano term at St. John’s School.  Group Piano Class will be instructed by Mrs. Yarborough and Dr. Zuraw, providing a low student to teacher ratio and individualized attention.

Term dates for School Year 2018-2019
  • Term One: August 27 -January 11
  • Term Two: January 14 - May 10

Tuition by term
Group Piano:
Kindergarten & Grade 1
small group lessons, supplemented by semi-private mini lessons (55 minutes)
Lower School
private lessons, supplemented by small group sessions
(45 minutes)
Middle School
private lessons, supplemented by small group sessions
(45 minutes)
Upper School
private lessons, supplemented by small group sessions
(60 minutes)

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