Affording St. John's

A Significant Investment

We understand that sending a child to St. John's is a significant financial investment for a family. St. John's has established a well-funded financial aid program to support families who need assistance with tuition costs. The School will attempt to meet the demonstrated need of all students admitted to the School, subject to budget considerations. In the event that the budget considerations prevent the School from doing so, the School has established the following priority guidelines:
  • Returning students on financial aid
  • Returning students new to financial aid
  • New students requiring financial aid, with a priority towards Middle and Upper School students
  • Financial Aid applications not submitted on a timely basis
St. John's School seeks to attract qualified individuals of diverse backgrounds to its student body. Consequently, the School does not discriminate in admission or educational program versus any individual on the basis of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, or any other category protected by federal, state, or local law.

Except in unusual cases, the School will ask all families to pay some amount towards the student's tuition. Please review our financing options.

Option One
Financial Aid & Financial Aid Plus
Financial aid awards are a grant from the School and do not require repayment. If a family receives 85%-100% tuition aid, the costs of the following items will also be defrayed by the School: books, supplies, uniforms, and other essential fees such as athletic costs and fees for school-sponsored trips. This is known as Financial Aid Plus.

We use School and Student Services (SSS) to process financial aid applications and help us make awards equitably on the basis of demonstrated need. SSS is a service of the National Association of Independent Schools.

How Do I Apply?
Families should begin the financial aid application process in December. Families must complete and submit the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) and supporting tax documentation to SSS. St. John's requires both parents, regardless of marital status, to submit the required documentation. Financial Aid decisions will be communicated in March to all families who have met the stated deadlines and been offered admission to the School.

Do I Qualify?
To help answer this question, the following Family Income Table provides a range of historical financial aid awards based on a range of family incomes. Each family's situation is unique, and the ability of a family to contribute financially is based on many factors such as, combined salary, available assets, or number of children in tuition-required schools. Consequently, this table should not be used to assume a specific financial aid award for a given family income level.

Financial Aid and Family Income Table

Family IncomeRange of Family ContributionsRange of Tuition AwardsTotal # of Awards / Total # of Requests
$0 to $50,000    $0-$7,951     $15,000-$22,951 19/19
$50,001 to $100,000    $0-$12,951     $  7,150-$22,951 52/52
$100,001 to $150,000    $3,501-$18,951     $  2,101-$20,850 54/54
Over $150,000    $4,000-$20,451     $  2,500-$17,664 51/57

How Long is Financing Available?
Awards are made for a single year only. Families requesting aid must reapply on an annual basis. Barring any significant changes in a family's financial situation, and subject to the continued good standing of the student, a family can anticipate receiving comparable financial awards for the duration of a child's St. John's experience.

We did not apply for financial aid during the admission process. Can we apply for financial aid now that we have been accepted?
We strongly encourage all families who will require financial assistance to meet our stated deadlines. We cannot guarantee that funds will be available at the end of the admission season. 

If my child is admitted without any financial aid, might there be aid available the following year? 
There is little chance that a student enrolling without financial aid would be awarded aid in subsequent years without significant changes in the family's financial circumstances. Without a change in financial circumstances, consideration for a financial aid award will not be given until the student enters the next division. 

Will our chance for admission to SJS be affected if we apply for financial aid?
We encourage all families who feel they need financial aid to apply. While the admission and financial aid processes are separate, there are times when budget constraints lead to "need aware" admission decisions.

Does financial aid cover supplemental costs?
If a family receives 85%-100% tuition aid, the costs of the following items will also be defrayed by the School: books, supplies, uniforms, and other essential fees such as athletic costs and fees for school-sponsored trips. 

If my family can't afford the SSS fee, how can we apply for the financial assistance?
SSS will automatically evaluate eligibility for families to receive a fee waiver. Fee waiver eligibility will be based on the information families submit on their PFS's regarding total income, family household size, and other factors. 

When will I be informed about my financial aid award?
You will be informed of your financial aid award when admission decisions are released. 

Does St. John's offer merit or athletic scholarships?
No. We do not give academic, athletic, or other merit scholarships. Financial aid at St. John's is completely need-based. 

If we receive financial aid, do we have to pay the school back?
No. Awards are not loans and are provided to families on a need-based basis in order to ensure that the St. John's experience is accessible to highly qualified students regardless of their ability to afford our tuition. 

Option Two
Tuition Payment Plans
St. John's requires payment in full by June 30. We realize this is not always financially feasible. For this reason, we offer a low-interest payment plan. Options for payment include:
  1. Prepayment of the full year's tuition - 100% by June 30.
  2. Two installments - 60% in June and 40% in December.
  3. Four installments - four equal payments, billed in June, August, November, and February. 
  4. Monthly installments - twelve equal payments, billed monthly beginning in June.
  5. Special monthly plans - monthly payments, adjusted to reduce tuition payments in months with payments for books, curricular trips and next year's deposit. 
In addition, families receiving financial aid are afforded a monthly payment option on a non-interest basis.

Please be assured that this information is kept in strict confidence by the School. A family's financial situation is known only by the three administrators of the School's financial aid program. Billing processes throughout the School are designed to keep a family's financial circumstances confidential.

Questions: Please call Beverly Harrington at 713.850.0222, ext. 551 with any questions or concerns.