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College Counseling
Finding the Right College


St. John’s graduates select colleges across the globe. We encourage students to explore colleges using multiple resources. Too many individuals rely on a single source, such as U.S. News & World Report. As Malcom Gladwell explains:

”There’s no direct way to measure the quality of an institution–how well a college manages to inform, inspire, and challenge its students. So the U.S. News algorithm relies instead on proxies for quality–and the proxies for educational quality turn out to be flimsy at best.” 

- "The Order of Things: What college rankings really tell us" The New Yorker (February 2011)
We hope that our students will go beyond ordinal ranking and use personal values to guide their search. Below we provide some resources to help in the college search process.
 Research Colleges:

Connect Using Social Media:
There are many ways to use social media in order to stay in tune with college news and information. Almost all colleges have a Facebook page and many utilize Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr. Check out the websites of the schools you’re interested in and see if they promote these connections.
To get you started, we’ve listed the schools attended by five or more SJS students in recent years and the social media outlets used by each school:
Colgate University
Colorado School of Mines
Columbia University
Dartmouth College
Davidson College
Duke University
Georgetown University
Georgia Institute for Technology
Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Middlebury College
New York University
Northwestern University
Rice University
Southern Methodist University
Stanford University
Texas A&M University
Texas Christian University
Tulane University
University of Georgia
University of Notre Dame
University of Pennsylvania
University of Southern California
University of Texas
University of the South
University of Virginia
Vanderbilt University
Washington University in St. Louis
Wesleyan University
Yale University
Additionally, there are many Twitter accounts focused on higher education and admissions in general. Here are a few:

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