The K-12 Chapel program at St. John’s School is a unique and cherished tradition. To quote from the Guiding Principles: “While St. John’s does not seek to indoctrinate students to any particular religion, the School acknowledges the importance of religious faith and a solid spiritual foundation.” Chapel provides intentional and guided opportunities, to explore as a community and as individuals, who we are and the positive impact that we can all have as spiritual beings on the School community and ultimately the world. While the School understands that the primary responsibility for spiritual development of students rests with families, St. John’s also recognizes that the School’s indifference to spiritual matters would undermine our effort to develop "a perspective larger than self interest," an ethos of "service to others," and the cultivation of the whole person, all of which are foundational elements of the School's mission.

The structure of Chapel services is based upon inclusive Christian tradition which emphasizes the worth and dignity of all human beings. Chapel in each division is conducted in an age appropriate manner, while common topics and themes, both secular and sacred, are explored through Chapel talks given by students, faculty, and outside speakers. Sacred and secular readings are chosen to support Chapel talks. Music, including congregational singing and student performances, is an integral part of every Chapel.

Chapel, similar to the experience in the classroom, is an opportunity to explore one’s own spirituality and the broad range of traditions practiced by members of the school community. Time to discuss chapel topics is regularly provided during advisories immediately following Chapel.